How do I delegate a subdomain to Cloudflare?

How do I delegate a subdomain to Cloudflare?

Delegate a subdomain

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  2. Select the domain that contains the subdomain to be delegated.
  3. Go to DNS.
  4. Create NS records for the subdomain. For example:
  5. (Optional) If the delegated nameserver has DNSSEC enabled, add the DS record in the Cloudflare DNS app.

How do I create a subdomain?

How to create a new DNS subdomain

  1. Log in to cPanel with the details your host provided when you opened the account.
  2. Scroll to the Domains section and click Subdomains.
  3. Type the name of the new subdomain you want to create in the box.
  4. Select the domain for which you want to create a subdomain.

How do I add Cname to Cloudflare?

How do I add a CNAME record?

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account.
  2. From the dropdown menu on the top left, select your domain.
  3. Select the DNS settings tab.
  4. Add the CNAME records. It must point to a fully qualified domain name. Example if you want to point blog subdomain to

Can I use Cloudflare without changing my nameservers to Cloudflare?

Can I use Cloudflare without changing my nameservers to Cloudflare? Yes. If you can’t change to our nameservers — which is what allows us to proxy your site traffic — you have two options: Activate Cloudflare through one of our certified hosting partners.

How do I use Cloudflare for free?

Add a domain to Cloudflare

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Click on Add site from the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter your website’s root domain and then click Add Site.
  4. Cloudflare attempts to automatically identify your DNS records.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select a plan level.
  7. Click Confirm in the Confirm Plan window that appears.

Is Cloudflare DNS free?

Cloudflare offers authoritative DNS services free of charge and does not limit DNS queries for a domain on the Cloudflare network.

Is not a registered domain Cloudflare?

A Code: 1049 is returned when trying to add a domain to Cloudflare. The error Code: 1049 means the domain isn’t registered, the domain has no name servers, the domain name servers can’t be resolved, or the domain name servers don’t contain any DNS records and as a result the domain cannot be added to Cloudflare.

Is Cloudflare faster than Google DNS?

CloudFlare was the fastest DNS for 72% of all the locations . It had an amazing low average of 4.98 ms across the globe. Google and Quad9 were close for second and third respectively. Quad9 was faster than Google in North America and Europe, but under performed in Asia / South America.

Should I use Cloudflare for DNS?

With 37% market share of managed DNS domains, Cloudflare runs the largest and fastest DNS network in the world. With an average of a few milliseconds query speed, it also has the fastest performance of any managed DNS provider.

How to create a subdomain in cloudflare dns?

Possibly also screenshots. To create a subdomain, in the DNS tab, you add a record with the name of the subdomain, pointing to your host. They will specify whether it needs to be an A record or CNAME etc. And give you the content of the record. Thanks. My domain is My newly created subdomain is a working test environment.

Is the Cloudflare edge side code compatible with subdomain support?

Cloudflare Edge Side Code (ESC) for a parent domain does not automatically apply to child subdomains and requires changes to the ESC. The Cloudflare Custom Hostnames feature is not compatible with Subdomain Support. If a child subdomain uses a resolve override to a parent domain in a different Cloudflare account, enable CNAME sharing .

Can you create a host record on Cloudflare?

The domain is properly set up, however that particular host record does not exist. You’d need to follow @domjh ’s instructions to create that record on Cloudflare. Those settings would be correct if you add that record.

Do you need ESC for parent subdomain on Cloudflare?

If the parent and child subdomain are both on Cloudflare, match the subdomain setup type (Full or CNAME) to the parent setup type. Cloudflare Edge Side Code (ESC) for a parent domain does not automatically apply to child subdomains and requires changes to the ESC.