How much does Remo cost?

How much does Remo cost?

Remo Conference Pricing

Name Price
Host US$125per month
Director US$450 per month
Producer US$850 per month
Boutique US$1950 per month

How does live Remo work?

Live Streaming: Remo events can be streamed live on YouTube. Multiple speakers: In a Remo event, a host can line up to 6 speakers only. Customisable event space: The event space on Remo can be customised completely. From colour, logos and giving sponsors a banner space, one can do it all on Remo.

Is Remo platform free?

Remo Pricing Overview Remo pricing starts at $125.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. Remo offers a free trial.

What is the Remo platform?

Remo is a live, virtual event and networking space that allows you to interact with small and large groups of people. It is fun and easy to use!

What is Remo in English?

British English: oar /ɔː/ NOUN. Oars are long poles with flat ends which are used for rowing a boat.

What does Remo mean?

noun. oar [noun] a long piece of wood with a flat end for rowing a boat.

Is Remo mobile friendly?

Remo Desktop is a tool that launches Remo App at your mobile. Due to security restrictions, you can run Remo App on your device only after plugging it into your computer and registering your device in Remo Web.

Can you change background in Remo?

With Remo’s new Virtual Background feature, you can do exactly that! You’ll be able to display an image as your background during both Conversation AND Presentation mode.

Who owns Remo platform?

Hoyin Cheung –
Hoyin Cheung – Founder, CEO – | LinkedIn.

Is Remo any good?

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Remo Recover for most users. It’s pricey, the user interface has major rendering issues, and the preview function only works for image files.

Is Remo a word?

No, remo is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does San Remo mean in English?

flower market
(Italian san ˈrɛːmo) noun. a port and resort in NW Italy, in Liguria on the slopes of the Maritime Alps; flower market.

What do you need to know about Remo?

Remo is an interactive virtual event platform that empowers you to grow and engage your audience

Who are the founders of the Remo platform?

Our team is excited to continue to integrate Remo into our work of connecting Canada and the U.S. through our events, content platforms, networking, news curation and partnerships. – Stephen Armstrong, Co-Founder & President, MAPLE Business Council® Remo has completely transformed virtual events for our clients.

How to get a free trial of Remo?

Log InStart a Trial Humanize the Online Event Experience Remo is an interactive virtual event platform that empowers you to grow and engage your audience Start My Free Trial Join a Guided Tour Create unique virtual event experiences with fully customizable floor plans

How much does a Remo event cost per month?

Unlimited events per month 75-minute length per event 1 team member 1 simultaneous event Whiteboarding + additional features 6 speakers on stage in Presentation Mode 6 screen shares in Presentation Mode 20 hours HD recording storage SubscribeSubscribe Director $450 /month $360 /month 200 guests per event 6 guests per table