Is Edinburgh further west than Cardiff?

Is Edinburgh further west than Cardiff?

Going by the latitude of the Earth, Edinburgh is approx. 0°2′ further West. Going by the Eastings on the British national grid (which maps of GB will be drawn to) Cardiff is 7 km further West.

Which country is furthest west in the British Isles?

Westernmost Point in the UK The Westernmost point of the UK is Rockall. Rockall is an uninhabited island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The UK laid claim to the island in 1955 before incorporating it as Scottish in 1971. Ireland objected to the incorporation, but it did not also claim the island for itself.

What is the most northerly city in the UK?

Thurso, burgh (town) and Atlantic Ocean seaport, Highland council area, historic county of Caithness, Scotland, and the most northerly town on the mainland of Great Britain.

Which UK city is furthest east?

Furthest east Ness Point, also known as Lowestoft Ness, is Britain’s most easterly point. In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the point is marked with a large circular plaque called Euroscope, which indicates the distance to the other extremity points of Britain and various European destinations.

Is Bristol further west than Cardiff?

Bristol is sometimes described, by its inhabitants, as being built on seven hills. Bristol is 106 miles (171 km) west of London, 77 miles (124 km) south-southwest of Birmingham and 26 miles (42 km) east of the Welsh capital Cardiff.

How much further west is Edinburgh than Bristol?

Yes really – the Scottish capital, which is located on Scotland’s EAST coast, is more westerly than Bristol. The longitude – which is used to determine the east-west position of a point on Earth – of Edinburgh is 3.18 degrees, while Bristol’s is 2.58 degrees.

Where is the lowest place in the UK?

Holme Fen
At seven metres below sea level, Holme Fen is the lowest place in Britain. It’s also the largest birch woodland in lowland Europe and the most south-easterly example of a raised bog in England.

Which UK city is furthest from the sea?

Lichfield in Staffordshire has a plaque indicating England’s furthest point from the sea – a distance of 84 miles. Meriden is (in)famously the “centre of England”.

What is the UK’s smallest city?

St Davids
And St Davids is the UK’s smallest city with 1,600 inhabitants, having earned its honour in 1995.

What is the highest town in UK?

Flash has the distinction of being the highest village in England, at 1514 feet above sea level, and in winter it is frequently snow-bound.

Which is the wettest city in the UK?

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has won the top spot for being the wettest city in the UK, with an average monthly rainfall of 96mm, and the average number of wet days per month standing at 12.4. Cardiff’s high ranking total equates to more than one quarter of Wales’ city’s year being shrouded in rain.

Which city in the UK is furthest from the sea?

Which is the largest city in South West England?

Large cities and towns in the region include Bristol, Bournemouth, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth and Swindon. It is geographically the largest of the nine regions of England covering 9,200 square miles (23,800 km 2 ), but the third least-populous, with approximately five million residents.

Which is the furthest west County in the UK?

The county furthest to the west of the UK mainland is Cornwall, provided the Scilly Islands is not included. What us city is the farthest west? Attu Island, Alaska is the city which is furthest west in the United States. Sail Rock located in Maine is the city which is furthest east. What town in the UK is the furthest west?

How big is the south west of England?

South West England. South West England is one of nine official regions of England. It is the largest in area, covering 9,200 square miles (23,800 km 2 ), and consists of the counties of Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, as well as the Isles of Scilly.

Which is further west in the UK Edinburgh or Bristol?

Edinburgh is actually further west in the UK than Bristol.