Is Raffles Medical private or government?

Is Raffles Medical private or government?

Raffles Medical Group (RMG) is a leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia, operating medical facilities in 14 cities in Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

How much does Raffles Medical Cost?

Raffles Surgery Centre

Specialist Consultant Fees Rates (Without GST) Rates (With GST)
Subsequent Consultation $108.00 $115.56
Extended Consultation From $170.00 From $181.90
Emergency / After-Office-Hours Consultation From $170.00 From $181.90
Practice Cost $16.00 $17.12

Who owns Raffles Medical?

Loo Choon Yong
Loo Choon Yong cofounded Raffles Medical Group with two clinics in Singapore in 1976. Today the company has more than 100 clinics across the region but is best known for the Raffles Hospital in Singapore.

Is Raffles Medical under Chas?

Treatment of common and chronic disease management Raffles Medical clinics# are participatory clinics under the CHAS scheme. Please present your CHAS/Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation card with your NRIC upon registration to receive subsidies for your medical treatment.

How do you get to Raffles Hospital?

MRT. Take a short 5-minutes walk from Bugis MRT station (EW12 / DT14) to reach Raffles Hospital.

How much does it cost to see a doctor in Singapore?

General Practitioner (GP) Specialists
In-office consultation fees Short Consultation (up to 10 mins) Long Consultation (11 to 20 mins) Extended Consultation (per 10 mins) $20 – $30 $30 – $55 $20 – $25 $60 – $100 $90 – $150 $50 – $80

How long does medical check up take?

On average, the entire health screening process including medical examination by a doctor will take between 2 – 4 hours depending on the health screening package selected.

How many Raffles hotels are there in the world?

Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Type Subsidiary
Industry Hospitality
Founded 1887
Number of locations 15
Area served Worldwide

What is individual medical practice?

The defining characteristic of single-specialty practice is the presence of two or more physicians providing patients with one specific type of care (i.e., primary care or a specific subspecialty practice), while multispecialty group practices are defined as offering various types of medical specialty care within one …

Who is eligible for CHAS?

The CHAS card is only for lower-income Singaporeans and the elderly. If the average household income per person is $1,800 or below, you can qualify for the card. For households with no income, the eligibility is based on the annual value of your home – it needs to be $21,000 and below.

Can CHAS card be used at Polyclinic?

Can I use the CHAS card at the polyclinic? All Singaporeans already receive heavy Government subsidies at the polyclinics. As such, CHAS subsidies are not applicable at the polyclinics, and are intended only for private GP and dental clinics.