Is Ugartechea still in business?

Is Ugartechea still in business?

Armas Ugartechea, founded in Eibar, Spain, in 1922, has ceased production. Like many gunmakers in the region, the company was known for producing guns by older, small-shop craft methods.

Are Ugartechea shotguns any good?

It is a good-looking, nicely proportioned gun that would not look out of place on almost any gun rack. Due to its dainty build, it is tempting to describe it as a little gun, but this is not really true as it has the length of larger-bore guns, with the advantage of slim lines and an all-up weight of a mere 6lb.

Where are Ugartechea shotguns made?

Armas Ugartechea is a Basque shotgun manufacturer located in Eibar, Spain. It produces several models of double-barreled shotgun.

What kind of shotgun does Armas Ugartechea make?

It produces several models of double-barreled shotgun . In addition to shotguns, Armas Ugartechea once made rifles and pistols. However, the firm is most famous for its side-by-side double-barreled shotgun, and at some point stopped manufacturing the over/under double-barreled shotgun configuration.

What kind of barrel does Ugartechea Model 30 have?

This 12 Ga Ugartechea Model 30 Shotgun has 28” blued tapered round barrels with a bead sight installed on the smooth rib. The bores are excellent. The barrels have some marks and several areas w …Click for more info Newish condition, coin finished gun w auto safety and disc-set strikers.

How much does a Ugartechea 75 upland shotgun cost?

Please call Mark 715-814-1295 Pack and ship $45 LAY …Click for more info Beautiful Spanish manufactured Ugartechea 75 Upland Class 12 gauge side by side shotgun with case-hardened receiver in excellent condition. This firearm has two sling attachments and extractors and is …Click for more info

Is the Ugartechea gun company still in business?

Ugartechea is the last of the Big Three of Basque gunmaking from the 1960s that still exists bearing any resemblance to what it was. The Ugartechea company has survived in an unbroken line, but not without overcoming some difficulties. Today, it is no longer a mass-production company.