What battery is equivalent to LR621?

What battery is equivalent to LR621?

Long Story Short: if you need good LR621, LR60, AG1, SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364, or SG1 battery equivalent, go for a battery labeled as SR621SW (SR621 Silver-Watch) battery – it is a silver-oxide battery with stable voltage and high capacity.

What battery is compatible with AG1?

The Energizer 364/363 Watch Battery is a silver oxide replacement for the common watch battery sizes of 364, 363, AG1 and SR621SW.

What battery is equivalent to SR626SW?

377 Battery is a direct replacement for SR626SW, SR66, SR626, SB-AW, 280-39, BA, V377, D377, 606, S626E, GP377, AG4, AG-4, 377, L626, SG4, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, E377, E377CA, LR626SW, 377A, SR262SW, 377X, 377S, GP177, SR6265W, 377/376, E377A, SR66SW, SR625SW, 377BA, CR626SW, AG4/377, AG04 batteries.

What battery is equivalent to LR44?

Energizer 357/303 (LR44 SR44 AG13) Silver Oxide Battery 1.55 Volt 5/Pack (357/303) High performance, long lasting Energizer 357/303 silver oxide battery in economical bulk packaging. Replaces LR44 AG13 SR44 battery. The Energizer 357/303 is a multi-drain 1.55 Volt silver oxide button cell battery.

Are LR626 and SR626 batteries the same?

batteries are 6.8 mm in diameter and 2.6 mm in height. According to the IEC standard, these batteries should be labeled LR626 (alkaline) or SR626 (silver-oxide) and according to the ANSI standard 1176SO battery. Sometimes shorter, two-digit code is used: LR66 for alkaline and SR66 for silver-oxide batteries.

What batteries are compatible with LR41?

A common equivalent for the LR41 alkaline battery is the 384/392B sized watch battery. It is a thin circular silver oxide 1.55 volt button battery.

Are AG3 and 312 batteries the same?

A 312 battery is a zinc air chemistry and a AG3 battery is probably either silver oxide or lithium chemistry. And they are probably different voltage levels.

Are 377 and 376 batteries the same?

Interchangeable batteries. Now some watch batteries are interchangeable. Like watch batteries 376 & 377 . If your watch takes either of these cells, you can use 376 or 377 in your watch. It doesn’t matter.

Is LR626 battery Same as 377?

– Silver-oxide SR626/SR626SW batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts and it is rather constant over time as the battery is drained….LR626 vs. SR626 Batteries Comparison Chart.

Chemistry Alkaline Silver-Oxide
Typical Labels 177, 376, 377, AG4, LR66, LR626 177, 376, 377, AG4, SG4, SR66, SR626, SR626SW

Are SR44 and 357 batteries the same?

Then there is SR44, which is a replacement for LR44, but using silver dioxide. 303 is the designation for SR44SW and 357 is the designation for SR44W/LR44. So this is a SR44W (aka 357), which can be used when SR44SW (aka 303) could also be used.

Can you use 357 batteries instead of LR44?

no they are not. lr44 is alkaline 357 is silver oxide. 357 is a longer lasting silver oxide version of the alkaline L44.

What is the difference between LR and SR batteries?

LR vs SR vs MR IEC LR series batteries have been used longer, but currently IEC SR series batteries are more commonly used in watches and electronic devices. The LR series are only used when price is a major consideration such as the demo batteries that come free with a device.

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