What conjugation does the verb Spectat belong to?

What conjugation does the verb Spectat belong to?

Indicative present spectō spectās spectat spectāmus spectātis spectant Indicative imperfect spectābam spectābās spectābat spectābāmus spectābātis spectābant
Subjunctive present spectem spectēs spectet spectēmus spectētis spectent Subjunctive imperfect spectārem spectārēs spectāret spectārēmus spectārētis spectārent

Is sum the first conjugation?

The verb sum (be) is both irregular and defective, having no gerund or supine, and no participle but the future. Its conjugation is given at the outset, on account of its importance for the inflection of other verbs.

Is Spectat singular or plural?

The plural form of spectator is spectators.

What is the perfect stem of sum?


The Verbs Present Stem Perfect Stem
sum `be’ su- 1 fu-
volo: `be willing’ volu- volu-
fero: `bear, carry’ feri- tul-

What form of sum means he is in Latin?

Est means “He is”. Now the M in the Am is fine, we can just link that in our minds to the M in Sum. As we see above, in older English the letter T was for the You form and the S was for the He form. In Latin this is the reverse.

What conjugation is Terreo?

Indicative present terreō terrēs terret terrēmus terrētis terrent Indicative imperfect terrēbam terrēbās terrēbat terrēbāmus terrēbātis terrēbant
Indicative future terrēbō terrēbis terrēbit terrēbimus terrēbitis terrēbunt Indicative future perfect terruerō terrueris terruerit terruerimus terrueritis terruerint

What does audit mean in Latin?

The word “audit” derives from the Latin word audire which means “to hear”.

What kind of verb is sum?

Definition of sum (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to calculate the sum of : total. 2 : summarize. intransitive verb.

What is the plural of spectator?

spectator /ˈspɛkˌteɪtɚ/ noun. plural spectators.

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Which is the proper conjugation of the verb sum?

The Proper Conjugations of Esse. Sum is the present indicative tense of the verb esse, meaning “to be.”. As with many other living and dead languages, esse is one of the oldest verb forms in Latin, one of the most frequently used of the verbs, one of the most irregular verbs in Latin and related languages.

How to translate spectare from Latin to English?

Translation Begin typing below. Translation To look at, see, watch Verb Forms Specto, Spectare, Spectavi, Spectatus First Stem Spect Second Stem Specta

Which is the first conjugation of the word Specto?

Conjugation of spectō (first conjugation) indicative singular plural plural plural indicative indicative indicative first second active present spectō spectās spectat active imperfect spectābam spectābās spectābat

Is the verb sum contracted in casual use?

It is also often contracted in casual use (such as in English I’m, that’s, they’re, he’s ), so that the verb is almost invisible to the listener.