What does Urkel always say?

What does Urkel always say?

He becomes known by viewers and characters alike for several catchphrases uttered after some humorous misfortune occurs, including “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”, “I don’t have to take this.

What was Urkel’s favorite saying?

Did I do that?
His most popular catchphrase (all 90’s sitcoms were required by law to have one), uttered usually after damaging something beyond repair, is “Did I do that?”

What is the funniest episode of Family Matters?

Family Matters: The 10 Best Episodes, Ranked By IMDb

  • 6 Season 2, Episode 25: “I Should Have Done Something” (7.9)
  • 7 Season 2, Episode 22: “Finding The Words” (7.7)
  • 8 Season 5, Episode 16: “Presumed Urkel” (7.7)
  • 9 Season 4, Episode 15: “Tender Kisses” (7.7)
  • 10 Season 4, Episode 1: “Surely You Joust” (7.7)

Who died from family matters?

Michelle THomas
Of course, White’s character, Steve Urkel, proved to be more than a one-shot appearance, going on to become one of the most iconic sitcom characters of all-time. White also remembered his late costar, Michelle THomas, who died in 1998 of stomach cancer at age 30. She played his girlfriend on the show.

Did Steve Urkel marry Laura?

Urkel was also the subject of many of the longest-running storylines in Family Matters. And even though his romance with Laura Winslow was a highlight, viewers ultimately never got to see the two tie the knot on air.

How old is Urkel?

Jaleel White from ‘Family Matters’ Is 43 Years Old Now and Looks Unrecognizable. Remember Jaleel White from the famous American sitcom, “Family Matters?”—he’s now 43 years old and looks completely different. Jaleel Ahmad White is a 43-year-old American actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, and writer.

How old is Jaleel White?

44 years (November 27, 1976)
Jaleel White/Age
White, 44, looked back on joining Family Matters as a child star and how his adult costars reacted. He was initially cast for a guest role, but he said the reception to him during his first table read was so good that he was hired for the full season soon after.

Does Laura marry Urkel?

Though it was never produced, the show’s tenth season storyline was already set: Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow get married. Instead, we merely see them get engaged in the series finale.

What happened to the little girl on Family Matters?

She disappeared after the episode “Mama’s Wedding”, where she’s last seen walking down the aisle as the flower girl. In the rest of the series, the cast of the show acted as if she never existed and Harriette and Carl acted as if they only had two kids: Eddie and Laura.

Why was Family Matters Cancelled?

Unfortunately, Family Matters rapidly declined in popularity following its fifth season, culminating in a network change, the departure of a major co-star mid-season and poor ratings, which ultimately led to its cancellation.

Who is the actor who plays Steve Urkel on Family Matters?

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Steven Quincy Urkel is a fictional character on the ABC / CBS sitcom Family Matters who was portrayed by Jaleel White.

What kind of character is Steve Urkel from friends?

Steve Urkel. The character is the epitome of a geek or nerd of the era, due to traits such as large, thick eyeglasses, flood pants held up by suspenders, multi-colored cardigan sweaters, and a high-pitched voice. He professes love for his neighbor Laura Winslow, who is a character in the main family of the series,…

Is the show Step by step based on Steve Urkel?

It was based around the character of Steve Urkel and essentially incorporated movements which made the dancer’s posture more like his. The dance was popular enough to appear on another show, Step by Step, when the Steve Urkel character appeared in a crossover in the season one episode “The Dance”.

Why did Carl throw Steve Urkel out of the House?

This puts him at odds with the family patriarch Carl, who routinely throws Urkel out of his house. He has shown to take responsibility for his own mistakes and reimburses the Winslows for the damages he’s done. Steve is close to Mother Winslow who is delighted each time he comes over, much to Carl’s chagrin.