What happened to Exoto?

What happened to Exoto?

We regret to inform you that we no longer distribute Exoto. With it, Exoto is probably losing its final reseller in Germany. The reasons are complex. Not only did Exoto consistently refuse to compensate us for defective models.

What is the best diecast brand?

Top 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Car Companies

  • 04 of 11. Die-Cast Promotions by F.F.
  • 05 of 11. Exact Detail Replicas.
  • 06 of 11. Exoto.
  • 07 of 11. Greenlight Collectibles.
  • 08 of 11. Kyosho.
  • 09 of 11. Maisto.
  • 10 of 11. Sun Star Models Development Limited.
  • 11 of 11. Trading Acme Company.

What is the most expensive diecast car?

Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Diecast Cars in the World:

  • Matchbox 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane (No.
  • Beatnik Bandit Hot Wheels – $15,000.
  • 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – $18,000.
  • Dinky Pre-war No.22D Delivery Van ‘W.E. Boyce’ – $26,000.
  • Tomica Z432 Datsun – $80,000.
  • 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb – $125,000.

Are diecast cars worth anything?

Diecast Car Values Diecast cars, including exceptional examples from Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox and Hot Wheels, are commonly found at auction. For individual cars, Dinky cars tend to sell for a few hundred dollars, depending on condition, demand, and availability of original packaging.

Why are diecast cars so expensive?

Each model consists of hundreds of parts takes about one year to develop and the production of each and every model involves hundreds of workers in the production line. Many products such as watches which also have hundreds of parts and are as complex to make demand much higher selling prices.

What old toy cars are worth money?

These Are The World’s Most Valuable Toy Cars

  • 4 Hot Wheels Antifreeze Over Chrome 1968 Camaro – $25,000.
  • 5 Matchbox ERF Dropside Lorry – $8,700.
  • 6 Bing Tinplate Tourer – $17,700.
  • 7 Matchbox Quarry Truck – $15,000.
  • 8 Hot Wheels Enamel White 1968 Camaro – $100,000.
  • 9 Matchbox No.
  • 10 Dinky No.

What is the best Nascar diecast brand?

ELITE diecast are the most detailed NASCAR® diecast available on the market today. As the premium 1:24 scale diecast brand for Lionel Racing, ELITE diecast are painstakingly designed to replicate every inch of a real NASCAR stock car.

What is the best car ever made?

Top 10 best cars ever

  • Ferrari F50. 203 likes for a timelessly beautiful car.
  • Porsche Carrera GT. Accurately described by one commenter as the greatest Porsche ever made.
  • Ferrari F40. Second Ferrari on the list already.
  • Eleanor (Mustang)
  • Fiat Multipla.
  • Audi RS2.
  • Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.
  • Toyota Camry.

What kind of car is the Exoto 43?

Exoto 43. The Exoto 43 collection offers a unique and compelling offering to collectors of 1:43 cars. Advanced engineering sets these replicas apart from the rest of the 1:43 world.

How big is an Exoto Grand marque replica?

Grand Marques brings you 1:18 scale replicas of the most splendid, luxurious and special vehicles to have graced the road, continuung the tradition of precision and attention to detail that Exoto is reknowned for. Overview

What kind of car is the Exoto Cobra?

1955-58 Exoto Jaguar D-Type LN 1963 Exoto AC Cobra 1963-65 Exoto AC Cobra Comp. 1964 Exoto Tipo 250 LM 1964-65 Exoto Cobra Daytona 1965 Exoto Type 2 1966 Exoto Ford GT40 Mk II R. 1966 Exoto Type 2D Coupe 1966 Exoto Type 2E 1966-67 Exoto Ford GT40 Mk II 1967 Exoto Ford GT40 Mk IV 1967 Exoto Type 2F 1967-69 Exoto Lola T70 Mk III

What’s the new Gran Turismo collection for Exoto?

Exoto is ready for an encore with the introduction of this new and exclusive collection of grand 1:10 scale Grand Prix replicas that will take you back in time to world class tracks like Monaco, Silverstone, and Monza. Overview Watch for the Gran Turismo collection, coming soon… Overview