What was the biggest source of information about the Vietnam War?

What was the biggest source of information about the Vietnam War?

Virtual Vietnam Archive. Texas Tech University’s Vietnam Center and Archive is the largest online source for information on the Vietnam War.

What type of primary source is a military record?

Public Records These types of records include census, immigration, and naturalization records, title deeds (which help track real estate transactions), pension and military records, trial transcripts, war diaries, military records, and so on.

What was the name of the set of documents that showed the depth of the actions of the US in the Vietnam War?

With the Pentagon Papers revelations, the U.S. public’s trust in the government was forever diminished.

How can you tell if someone was in the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War Indexes and Records on the Internet

  1. Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Fold3 (free) you can search for names and view images from the wall; you can also leave tributes.
  2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Website includes a searchable database of names on the wall.

What are the 4 types of primary sources?

Examples of Primary Sources

  • archives and manuscript material.
  • photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, films.
  • journals, letters and diaries.
  • speeches.
  • scrapbooks.
  • published books, newspapers and magazine clippings published at the time.
  • government publications.
  • oral histories.

What is the difference between primary and secondary source?

While primary sources are the original records created by firsthand witnesses of an event, secondary sources are documents, texts, images, and objects about an event created by someone who typically referenced the primary sources for their information. Textbooks are excellent examples of secondary sources.

How has Vietnam changed since the war?

Vietnam’s population has grown rapidly and now exceeds 85 million people, more than double its population in 1965 (39 million). Vietnamese society contains considerable poverty and wide divisions in income and wealth, though this is slowly improving. In terms of government, Vietnam remains a one-party socialist state.

When did the draft start for the Vietnam War?

The Draft in Context The military draft brought the war to the American home front. During the Vietnam War era, between 1964 and 1973, the U.S. military drafted 2.2 million American men out of an eligible pool of 27 million.

What are the primary sources for the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War: Primary Sources and Activities Supported by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program The Vietnam War was a conflict that spanned almost two decades, and was ultimately a failure for the United States.

How did draft evasion affect the Vietnam War?

Yet during the Vietnam War, draft evasion and draft resistance reached a historic peak, nearly crippling the Selective Service System. Combined with the revolt inside the military and the larger civilian antiwar movement, draft resistance acted as another fetter on the government’s ability to wage a war in Vietnam,…

What are the primary documents of the Vietnam War protest?

Vietnam War Protest: Primary Documents NCSS Thematic Strand: Time, Continuity, and Change Grades: 9-12 Time Outline: 1-2 50 minute periods Background and Purpose In this lesson, students will use 6 different primary sources from the Vietnam War era that were part of the protest movement or led to further protest.