What year were Ink Spots popular?

What year were Ink Spots popular?

The Ink Spots, American vocal group prominent in the late 1930s and ’40s. One of the first African-American groups, along with the Mills Brothers, to reach both black and white audiences, the Ink Spots exerted great influence on the development of the doo-wop vocal style.

Is anyone from the Ink Spots still alive?

He joined the group when he was 17 years old, in 1939, to replace Slim Greene, tenor, who had died. Mr. Kenny was thus considered one of the “original” Ink Spots; all are now dead.

When did the Ink Spots end?

Starting in the 1940s, the quartet sued imitation groups using the Ink Spots name, but its legal problems increased when Fuqua and Kenny each formed groups called the Ink Spots in 1952. The Decca Ink Spots officially played their last concert in 1953.

When did the Ink Spots start?

The Ink Spots/Active from

Why are the Ink Spots called the Ink Spots?

After a legal conflict with bandleader Paul Whiteman, who had a vocal group called the King’s Jesters, King, Jack and the Jesters changed their name to the Ink Spots. The Ink Spots made appearances at the Apollo Theater, the Savoy Ballroom and the Roxy, and they got a regular radio gig on New York’s WJZ.

Why did they call themselves the Ink Spots?

Subsequently, the quartet billed themselves as the Riff Brothers until one day in 1932 when, according to Deek Watson in his book The Story of the ‘Ink Spots, ‘ the group happened upon the idea of the “Ink Spots.” Watson told of how he was inspired by a splash of ink from a fountain pen and how he had to overcome the …

Are the Ink Spots Black?

New York City, New York, U.S. The Ink Spots were an American vocal jazz group who gained international fame in the 1930s and 1940s. The Ink Spots were widely accepted in both the white and black communities, largely due to the ballad style introduced to the group by lead singer Bill Kenny.

How many records did the Ink Spots sell?

Best known for their recordings of Pop ballads, The Ink Spots were frequent chart toppers totaling over 50 hits in their 17 year recording career. Their best selling record “If I Didn’t Care” sold over 19 million copies and is currently the 7th best selling single of all time.

What music genre are the Ink Spots?

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What genre are the Ink Spots?

Why are they called the Ink Spots?

Did the Ink Spots write their own songs?

“If I Didn’t Care” and the late 1930s On January 12, 1939, the Ink Spots entered Decca studios to record a ballad written by a young songwriter named Jack Lawrence. From 1939 until the group’s disbanding in 1954, many of their songs employed this format.

When did Ray Richardson start the Ink Spots?

Ray Richardson began working with Charlie Fuqua’s Ink Spots in 1961. A decade later, Ray became the leader of this group. In 1960, Lorenzo was introduced to Ray by Bernie Mackey, who had been a guitarist with The Ink Spots and in l965 Lorenzo began performing with Ray Richardsons Ink Spots, until his death in l999.

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