Where does Insel Air fly to and from?

Where does Insel Air fly to and from?

Insel Air’s home-base is located in Curaçao and its hub is in Aruba, therefore providing frequent flights between the two locations with a short fight time. The airline also provided great connectivity to for all their passengers across and within the Pan-American region.

Where can I find the best InselAir flights?

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When was Insel Air incorporated in the Netherlands?

Insel Air was incorporated as a private limited liability company (Dutch: Besloten Vennootschap) on September 8, 1993. Insel Air has been impacted by the Venezuelan crisis and is estimated to hold approximately $100 million in Venezuelan bolívars.

What kind of aircraft does Insel Air use?

Insel Air offered three types of aircraft to meet its chartering needs: McDonnell Douglas, Fokker 70, Fokker 50 and Embraer Bandeirante.Curacao International Airport, where the airline was based, offers a broad range of superior services of shopping and restaurant establishments.

Insel Air ceased operations on February 16, 2019. Insel Air was a Dutch Caribbean airline, having its headquarters at Maduro Plaza, Dokweg 19, Willemstad, Curacao. With a fleet of 3 aircraft, Insel Air flights flew to 5 destinations. Insel Air had its hub at Hato International Airport, and its frequent flyer program was called – Insel Star Miles.

Is there going to be Insel Air Aruba?

Insel Air, is in the process of restructuring its operations with help of the Government of Curaçao and its financial backing. As part of the plan, Insel Air Aruba would likely be re-positioned as a charter carrier going forward, although this has yet to be finalized.

Where does Insel Air fly to in Curacao?

Insel Air (7I) is a premier airline based in Curacao, with its main operating hub situated at the Hato International Airport. The airline is headquartered in Maduro Plaza, Willemstad, Curacao.