Which is the original version of Vangelis Hymne?

Which is the original version of Vangelis Hymne?

“Hymne” by Vangelis, from the “Opera Sauvage” album. This is the original version, which seems hard to find on Youtube. You’ll find a lot of cover versions, and also Vangelis’ own remake (Retitled “Hymn”) on the “Portraits” compilation CD, but this is the original one from the “Opera Sauvage” TV series and the 1979 album release.

What are the top 10 Vangelis songs of all time?

1. La conquista del paraíso. 2. China. 3. Himalaya. 4. Alfa. 5. Espada de Orion. 6. Espiral. 7. La fete sauvage. 8. Voces. 9. Tema de Abraham. 10. La plaga. Ignacio, even want to have that played, amongst a few others, on my funeral. Best all-over album I think is “See you later”. Vangelis is a Genius, and it is impossible to choоse 10 only songs!

How old was Vangelis when he got his Hammond organ?

Vangelis acquired his first Hammond organ at eighteen. In 1963, Vangelis and three school friends started a five-piece rock band The Forminx (or The Formynx), playing cover songs and original material largely written by Vangelis with English lyrics by radio DJ and record producer Nico Mastorakis.

What was the second Vangelis album to be released?

In 1976 Vangelis released his second soundtrack for a Rossif animal documentary, La Fête sauvage, which combined African rhythms with Western music. This was followed in 1979 by a third soundtrack for Rossif, Opéra sauvage.

Which is the second best album by Vangelis?

It is considered one of Vangelis’ best albums, and is his second most successful album in the USA, reaching #42 in the album charts. Vangelis produced this album during his electro-acoustic period, which was one of the most productive in his musical career.

What kind of piano does Vangelis play on Flamants Roses?

Vangelis plays several synthesizers, piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano (featured extensively on “Rêve”), drums, percussion, xylophone, as well as acoustic & bass guitar (“Chromatique”). Jon Anderson is credited with playing harp on “Flamants Roses”.