Who is Lootra Kotor 2?

Who is Lootra Kotor 2?

Lootra was a Human male from Telos IV. He was separated from his wife, Aaida. By coincidence they both ended up on Nar Shaddaa, where they were reunited by Meetra Surik. Lootra had come to Nar Shaddaa following the end of the Mandalorian Wars, searching for his lost wife Aaida.

Where do I find kodin?

Kodin is located in the north west section of the map in a corner. Threaten him with harm in order to obtain the droid and take it back to Tienn.

Where is the flophouse in Kotor 2?

Nar Shaddaa
The Flophouse was a slum located in the docks owned by Vogga, a Hutt crime lord operating on Nal Hutta’s moon, Nar Shaddaa.

What is the fastest way to get a lightsaber in Kotor 2?

You can get a component from an NPC called Lootra if you reunite him with his wife. To speed things up even more, kill him the first time you meet him. You’re going to need to pick a side of the force and stick to it during the first chunk of the game if you want to get your lightsaber as quickly as possible.

Is there romance in Kotor 2?

Romance? Yes, Please. Unlike the first KOTOR, there are no same-gender romance options in Obsidian’s sequel.

How do you get into Voggas room?

re: How do I get into Vogga the Hutt’s chamber?

  1. Go to the flophouse and enter stealth mode and listen in on the two thugs in the room.
  2. Go to the bar and get the Juma Juice.
  3. walk over to the Twilek who is auditioning dancers.
  4. When you arrive, Vogga will fall asleep after the dance.

What happens if you give the Ebon Hawk back?

If you give him the ship or tell him to go away he’ll end up trying to steal the Ebon Hawk back anyway and he’ll get killed by the Red Eclipse gang.

Where can I buy Medpacs in Kotor 2?

You can buy as many medpacs as you’ll ever need on Taris alone. Just do all the duels in the dueling arena, use the funds to buy them in the shop just outside the cantina.

How do you get Mira in Kotor 2?

If your character is neutral or light side (Alignment 40 or more) when you next travel through the docks on Nar Shaddaa after getting a message from Visquis of the Exchange, then Mira becomes your temporary character in the Jekk’Jekk Tarr and its tunnels on Nar Shaddaa, but the first time you can speak to her as …

Where can I find Juma juice in Kotor 2?

Is there any other way to acquire the juma juice? You need to go to the Nar Shaddaa Docks, and in the little area with the rooms there’s another pair of aliens talking together. If you sneak up on them, you can eavesdrop on their conversation and they are the ones talking about putting the Kath hounds to sleep.

Can you complete the lootra sidequest on KOTOR 2?

Can’t complete the Lootra sidequest on KOTOR II. Hey all! So, I’m helping reunite the husband and wife on Nar Shadaa, but I can’t deal with the Exchange. There’s no options between the husband, the wife, and the Quarrian about dealing with them, and I can’t even kill the Quarian to resolve it with violence.

Do you get DS for killing exchange in Kotor?

Presuming Lootra is the black guy on the docks, it’s very simple to do this. You just need to kill the Exchange off, then finish G0-T0 (presuming TSLRCM). You’ll be able to tell him about his wife and he’ll run off to her after that. Did you try killing the Serocco? I’m pretty sure you don’t get DS for killing neither the exchange nor the Serocco.

When did Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 come out?

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Is there a light side resolution to the lootra quest?

There’s no options between the husband, the wife, and the Quarrian about dealing with them, and I can’t even kill the Quarian to resolve it with violence. Any help? I’m playing the game on my Mac. Think you’re mixing up your SW and your ME there :p To my knowledge, I’ve never seen a light side resolution to the Lootra quest.