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How do I fix error code F20 on washer?

How do I fix error code F20 on washer?

To reset the f20 error code, exclude the program crash of the Whirlpool washer. To do this, de-energize your washing machine for 10-20 minutes, then turn it on back. If the error disappears from the display, the problem is successfully eliminated.

What does the code F20 mean on a Kenmore washer?

no water was detected
The F20 error code indicates no water was detected entering the washer. Make sure both the hot and cold water valves are turned on. Make sure the washer is empty and the tub is not full of water. Check the drain hose is not causing a siphon action.

What does F 20 mean on a washing machine?

water supply problem
An F20 or FH error code indicates a water supply problem. Here are some common issues: Both hot and cold water must be connected and turned on. Water inlet hoses kinked. Water inlet valve screen clogged.

What does a flow meter do in a washing machine?

The flow meter measures the amount of water going into the dispenser and relays that information to the control board.

Why does my washer say F 21?

If you see error code F21 on your Whirlpool washing machine, this refers to a water drain problem. The washer won’t be able to finish the cycle and your laundry will be wet. This error code means draining is taking too long, and something is wrong with the water pumping.

Why is my Whirlpool washer flashing F?

The “F” error code indicates the washing machine system or “Fault”. Ehe “E” error is indicating the part in your washer that causing the issue or “Error”. As a general rule, these “F” error codes mean the following… – Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine F1 error code indicates main control board and/or program faults.

How can I reset a Kenmore washer?

How to Reset a Kenmore Elite HE Washer

  1. Press the “Stop” button twice, and then press the “Power” button.
  2. Choose a wash cycle (e.g. “Normal”), and then choose your wash options (e.g. “Hot/Cold” or “Cold/Cold”).
  3. Press the “Start” button to complete the reset process and restart the washing machine.

How do I reset my Kenmore front load washer?

Turn off and unplug the machine. Plug the washer back in and wait for the control panel to light up. This resets the washer back to the original factory settings.

What does the F20 code on a Kenmore washer mean?

Kenmore, Washers 4 Answers from these members: The F20 error deals with the water coming into the tub. The F20 code indicates the control didn’t see any water enter the tub.

What does the code RL mean on my Kenmore He2 washer?

The rl code is displayed when the control detects a load of clothes in the washer during the clean washer cycle. This code should only come up when you’re trying to run a clean cycle.

What does the F11 code mean on my Kenmore Elite smart wash?

What does the F11 code mean on my Kenmore Elite Smart wash front load washer? F11 is an indication of a communications problem. Communications cannot be sent correctly between the machine control board and the motor control board. Loose wire connection at either the machine control board or motor control board. procedure below.

What does F21 mean on a washer drain?

The F21 error code indicates a long drain. Here are some tips that should help you resolve this problem: Check your washer drain to make sure that it is draining properly.