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How long does Tri X last?

How long does Tri X last?

It should be OK. I have used Tri X that has been frozen for up to 5 years beyond the expiry date with no corrections needed. Bl/w film is quite resilient to aging under normal storage (cold/freezer). Most stores, even pro-stores does not keep their bl/w in the freezer though.

How do I create a Kodak Tri X?

How to Develop Film

  1. Kodak Tri-X 400 shot at 400.
  2. Ilfosol 3 at a dilution of 1 + 9.
  3. Developed for 7.5 minutes at 20ºC.
  4. Agitations every minute for 10 seconds.

How do you rate a tri X?

Kodak Tri-X is a black and white negative ISO 400 film. It is designed to be very forgiving and can easily be rated at ISO 400. Like color negative films, some photographers like rating it at ISO 200 and developing it for ISO 320.

What is the best black and white film?

The Best 35mm Black-and-White Film for Artful Effects

  1. Kodak Professional Tri-X 400TX. Kodak’s Tri-X 400 is our favorite film to load for pretty much every situation.
  2. Ilford HP5 Plus.
  3. Kodak Professional 100 Tmax.
  4. Kentmere 400.
  5. Lomography Berlin Kino Film.

What Portra 800 good for?

KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800 Film delivers well balanced color saturation, very fine grain, and best-in-class underexposure latitude. This film is ideal for long lenses and low light situations. For natural skin tone reproduction, and enhanced color in the most difficult lighting, PORTRA 800 is the film of choice.

What is the sharpest black and white film?

Kodak TMax 400 is rated to be the sharpest 400 ISO film in the world. Part of this has to do with the grain structure, which is called T-Grain. This is much different than Kodak Tri-X 400’s grain; but Tri-X can deceivingly look sharper due to how it handles midtones.

Can I shoot Portra 800 in daylight?

Portra 800 performs well when it has a lot of good quality light. I shoot it inside on a bright day, outside in the sun, and backlit. It needs to be overexposed quite a bit, which really limits it’s low light capabilities. Shooting it in lots of light will make you so happy with the results!

How long does Kodak D76 last?

Normal, stock dilution, D76 will last for at least 6 months, possibly longer but mine never lasts that long, it is used up before that time period is up. 1:1 dilution is used immediately.

Can you reuse film developer?

Developer is cheap; use it once, maybe twice, then drop it in a slop bucket. Maybe you can boost the pH and use it for paper developer if you are really hot about reusing. Overall, it’s a good way to lose a day’s worth of shots in a few minutes. Use fresh when you can.

What kind of film is Kodak Tri-X 400?

Kodak’s Professional Tri-X 400 Black and White Negative Film is a classic high-speed panchromatic film designed for a wide array of shooting conditions. Characterized by its fine grain quality, notable edge sharpness, and high resolving power,…

What kind of photography can Tri X 400 be used for?

When shot in contrasty light you’ll get dark blacks and bright pure whites. It film is very versatile and works for pretty much any type of photography. It’s commonly used for street photography and is a beautiful portrait film as well!

What’s the exposure index for Kodak Tri X?

Push processing Tri-X to a higher “exposure index” of EI 800 in a standard developer yields very good results, while further pushing to EI 1600 requires more sophisticated processing. A popular method for pushing Tri-X film is using highly diluted developers with little or no agitation and extended development times.

When to use Kodak Tri-X for wedding photography?

For 35mm Tri-X I was a little worried the the classic grain structure might result in too much visible grain for my film wedding photography and portraiture. I shot a roll of 35mm Tri-X when I was out in Florida covering a wedding and was pleasantly surprised. Samples below.