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How many people have won a championship with the Lakers and Celtics?

How many people have won a championship with the Lakers and Celtics?

Two franchises – the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers – have alone combined for 34 of the 74 championships in NBA history..

What player has won a championship with the Lakers and Celtics?

2020: Lakers tie championship record Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo became the second player in NBA history, after Clyde Lovellette, to win titles with the Celtics and Lakers, as he was also part of the 2007-08 Celtics that won the championship.

Who won the NBA championship 2007?

San Antonio Spurs
2007 NBA Finals/Champion

Who won NBA final in 2008?

Boston Celtics
2008 NBA Finals/Champion

Has anyone won an NBA championship with 3 teams?

Robert Horry, John Salley, LeBron James and Danny Green are the only players to have won championships with three different teams. Salley’s four NBA titles came via two championships with the Detroit Pistons and one each with the Bulls and the Lakers.

What is the biggest NBA rivalry?


  • Bulls–Knicks rivalry.
  • Cavaliers–Celtics rivalry.
  • Celtics–Pistons rivalry.
  • Heat–Knicks rivalry.
  • Knicks–Pacers rivalry.

Has any NBA team won the finals 4 0?

In 1975, after compiling a 48–34 regular season record, the Golden State Warriors swept the Washington Bullets 4–0 in the 1975 NBA Finals.

What player has the most NBA Finals appearances?

Bill Russell
Bill Russell has the most career appearances in the NBA Finals, with 12 appearances.

What was the score of Game 2 of the NBA Finals?

The Mavericks had a 13-point lead midway through the fourth quarter—but Wade rallied the Heat with 15 points in the fourth, even while playing most of the quarter with five fouls. Miami won the next three games for their first championship. 14. Game 2, 2011 — Dallas Mavericks 95, Miami Heat 93

What was the score of the 1962 NBA Finals?

Game 7, 1962 — Boston Celtics 110, Los Angeles Lakers 107 (OT) The Lakers came within inches of ending Boston’s championship reign when Frank Selvy’s shot in the final seconds trickled off the rim. Instead, the game went to overtime, where Boston prevailed with its fourth straight title.

What was the final game of the 1987 NBA Finals?

Game 4, 1987 — Los Angeles Lakers 107, Boston Celtics 106 The third and final meeting between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the NBA Finals featured one of Johnson’s most iconic moments: his game-winning hook shot in Game 4. The Lakers went on to win the series in six games. 12. Game 1, 2001 — Philadelphia 76ers 107, Los Angeles Lakers 101 (OT)

What was the last NBA game 7 to go to double overtime?

Game 7, 1957 — Boston Celtics 125, St. Louis Hawks 123 (Double OT) The only Game 7 to ever go to double overtime. Tom Heinsohn had 37 points and 23 rebounds to lead Boston to its first of 17 championships. 8. Game 7, 1988 — Los Angeles Lakers 108, Detroit Pistons 106