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How much are the tolls on I 77 in West Virginia?

How much are the tolls on I 77 in West Virginia?

three toll barriers
There are three toll barriers along the turnpike. As of January 2019, passenger cars with two axles pay $4 at each barrier. There is also a toll plaza at exit 48 (to US 19, North Beckley/Summersville), which charges $0.75 for passenger cars. Rates for larger vehicles are higher.

How do you pay for tolls in West Virginia?

You can pay tolls on West Virginia Turnpike via E-ZPass, WV E-Zpass or a NationalPass tag transponders or with cash. The two toll bridges: Parkersburg Memorial Bridge and Newell Bridge accepts cash for toll payment. Neither of the toll bridges accept electronic payment through E-ZPass or any other tags.

How much is WV Ezpass?

Beginning Jan. of 2019, anyone looking to purchase a pass can pay $25 per year for unlimited toll use. After 2021, all drivers will pay $25 a year for the EZ Pass. Gov.

Do you need exact change for tolls in West Virginia?

Cash and E-ZPass® are the only payment options available when you arrive at a toll plaza on the West Virginia Turnpike. To use these lanes you must have an E-ZPass® transponder. Exact Change: This lane has a coin collection machine with or without a staffed toll booth. E-ZPass® transponders are also accepted.

Where are WV tolls?

There are three mainline toll plazas on the West Virginia Turnpike located at Chelyan, Pax and Ghent. There is also one side toll located on Route 19 at the North Beckley Exit (Exit 48). At the Princeton Welcome Center travelers can get assistance with travel information for visiting West Virginia.

How much are the tolls in Virginia?

2-axle vehicles pay 75 cents toll on the mainline toll barrier, 25 cents on the mainline plaza – east & west ramp, 25 cents on Route 60 ramp and 50 cents on the Courthouse Road ramp.

Do you need exact change for tolls?

Anything outside major cities doesn’t really have tolls. You do not need exact change for most of them but do for some so it would be a good idea to keep a few dollars in quarters and then some dimes and nickels. If you don’t have toll money, you have to fill out a form with your information.

How much is an E-ZPass?

In Pennsylvania, new E-ZPass customers will pay $35 for the first transponder and a $3 annual fee. Additional responders are $38. There is a $25 deposit; however, there is no deposit required if the customer chooses auto-replenish….E-ZPass Costs by State.

State Yearly Fee
Maryland 18
New York 12
New Jersey 12
Indiana 12

Is the West Virginia Turnpike cash only?

Cash and E-ZPass® are the only payment options available when you arrive at a toll plaza on the West Virginia Turnpike.

Is there a toll pass on the West Virginia Turnpike?

The primary toll pass for the state of West Virginia is the E-ZPass. The following transponders are accepted on the West Virginia Turnpike. Any toll pass/transponder with a logo matching those shown below will be compatible with the network on the West Virginia Turnpike

How much does it cost to transponder on West Virginia Turnpike?

Valid for Personal Account plans beginning January 1, 2019. Cost is $25 (plus one-time transponder issuance fee of $13) per transponder for unlimited use of the entire West Virginia Turnpike for a period of one year from date of activation. Single Fee Discount Plans and transponders are non-refundable.

Can you use Florida SunPass on West Virginia Turnpike?

West Virginia E-ZPass customers can now use their E-ZPass throughout the Sunshine State! Florida SunPass customers may now use their SunPass for travel on the West Virginia Turnpike! West Virginia E-ZPass customers please click here for more information ( Individual Account) ( Commercial Account ).

Where is the exit for the West Virginia Turnpike?

► Ending exit and mile marker: 101:I77 North / I64 West / to I79 at MM 100.8, in Charleston. Obey all speed limits! Travel times are approximate and are based on ideal travel conditions.