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How much does an EIFS inspection cost?

How much does an EIFS inspection cost?

“What is the price of an EIFS Inspection?” The cost varies from home to home depending upon the square footage of the home, how much EIFS there is on the home and the extent and complexity of the EIFS. The average EIFS inspection runs $350 to $700.

How do you inspect EIFS?

An EIFS Stucco Inspection includes the following items: Proper installation and potential areas of moisture intrusion. Condition and potential areas that need repair or improvement. A scan of the walls using non-invasive moisture scanners. Probing of areas of concern to fully verify moisture intrusion.

How often Inspect EIFS?

Buyers lose warranty benefits after the 12th month of ownership and if you have issues, you should go on record with your builder before the initial 12 month warranty expires. How often should I have my EIFS home inspected? Annual inspections are recommended.

What does EIFS stand for?

Exterior Insulation and Finish System
Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes rigid insulation boards on the exterior of the wall sheathing with a plaster appearance exterior skin. EIFS in its current basic form was developed in West Germany in the 1960s and introduced in the United States in 1969 by Dryvit.

Why is EIFS bad?

The problems with barrier EIFS cladding all stem from water intrusion. These problems include moisture accumulation in the wall cavity, subsequent wood damage and, in more advanced cases, mold growth and the infestation of pests such as carpenter ants or termites.

How long does EIFS last?

Dryvit EIFS are designed to last for the typical design life of a building. The actual longevity on any specific building will depend mainly on the building maintenance program. Some EIFS facades date back 50-60 years.

What is the problem with EIFS?

When did they stop using EIFS?

EIFS Rebounds Despite the water intrusion issues that occurred in the fall of 1995, EIFS industry sales (including commercial and residential sales) peaked in 1996. However, the overall business continued to drop until 2002.

How do you maintain EIFS?

The best way to clean EIFS is to use high water volume coupled with low water pressure and non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use caustic chemicals or abrasive cleaning techniques, which will permanently damage the finish. Refer to Dryvit’s cleaning guidelines (DS152 at before cleaning.

How long will EIFS last?

Is it OK to paint EIFS?

Unlike wood, stucco and other siding materials, EIFS rarely need painting. Most EIFS systems are specifically formulated with 100% acrylic binder, which gives EIFS superior resistance to fading, chalking and yellowing.