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How much gas mileage does a Honda Civic Si get?

How much gas mileage does a Honda Civic Si get?

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2018 Honda Civic Si 2Dr
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Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Premium Gasoline 32 combined city/highway MPG 28 city 38 highway 3.1 gals/100 miles

How long will a 2015 Civic Si last?

Your Si will last 200,000 to 300,000 miles if driven and maintained correctly.

Does Civic Si require premium gas?

You must use at least Premium unleaded 91 octane. You WILL run into engine problems if you dont. And yes, the Civic Si IS a sports car.

What does em1 mean Civic?

em1 is the 6th gen civic coupe chassis code. Shifty , 02-05-2006.

How many miles does a full tank Honda Civic last?

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2018 Honda Civic 4Dr
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
35 MPG 31 42 combined city/highway city highway
2.9 gal/100mi
434 miles Total Range

How many miles can a 2021 Honda Civic go on a full tank?

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2021 Honda Civic 5Dr
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
34 MPG 31 40 combined city/highway city highway
2.9 gal/100mi
422 miles Total Range

How long will a Civic last?

The Honda Civic is a durable vehicle that can last for about 20 years, with responsible use and maintenance. This means you can get around 200,000 to 300,000 miles of service from your Honda Civic before it breaks down completely.

Can you put 87 in a Civic Si?

Senior Member. As has been discussed many times in this board and probably others, the Si runs fine on 87 although 91 is recommended.

Which Civic Si is the best?

The 1999-2000 Honda Civic is, in our opinion, the best Civic Si. The high-revving (8,200 rpm!) B16 engine offers a thrill that few cars can match, and its light weight and well-set-up steering make it huge fun. The 2006 and later cars are just as enjoyable, if not quite as unique.

What does EM1 stand for?


Acronym Definition
EM1 Electrician’s Mate First Class (Naval Rating)
EM1 Enriched Mantle 1 (geology)
EM1 Engineering Model 1 (telescope project)
EM1 Effective Manager 1 (course title; National School of Government; UK)

How can you tell a real EM1?

OMG just check the VIN number the 4th to 6th letter/number should say em1. If it says em1 then its the si.

How is the EM1 Honda Civic Si like?

Sitting in the EM1 is like looking out of a fishbowl. The belt line of the car is very low, the pillars are very thin and the glass is enormous. While modern cars almost require a back up camera to park them without fear of dings or dents, this Civic has all the outward visibility one would ever need, in any situation.

What kind of car is a Honda Civic Si?

This is a 2000 Honda Civic. It’s compact, fuel efficient, cheap to run and looks like something you would find in high school parking lots around the country, any time in the past two decades. Except it’s not, because this is a 2000 Honda Civic Si, and it’s a very special car.

What kind of car is the Honda EM1?

Honda heads know this as the EM1, a car produced for only two years that very well represents the last of the so-called Golden Era Hondas. In its day, the EM1 was the sport compact car to own.

What kind of horsepower does a Honda Civic have?

The K24Z7 produces 201 hp and 170 lb⋅ft (230 N⋅m) of torque. Honda retuned the exhaust system in early 2014, increasing the output to 205 hp and 174 lb⋅ft (236 N⋅m) of torque. The K24Z7 is different than the K24Z7 found in the Honda CR-V; the CR-V has lower compression and a different, efficiency-oriented VTEC design.