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Is Aqa Further Maths GCSE?

Is Aqa Further Maths GCSE?

Why choose AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics It offers the opportunity for stretch and challenge that builds on the Key Stage 4 curriculum and is intended as an additional qualification to the GCSE Mathematics, rather than as a replacement.

What topics are in Further Maths GCSE?

The CCEA GCSE Further Mathematics course is studied….Course Content.

Pure Mathematics Mechanics and Statistics
Algebra Linear Motion
Matrices Newton’s Laws
Trigonometry Equilibrium and Motion
Logarithms Moments

Is GCSE Further Maths hard?

A-Level Further Maths is considered to be one of the hardest A-Levels out there, if not the hardest. You should only be applying for this subject if you are the most able mathematician. Its little brother, A-Level Maths, is also quite hard. The only difference in average requirements for these courses is 1 GCSE grade.

Can you get an A * in Further Maths?

Yes, we have no problem with students taking the full Maths A-level in Year 12 and will count the A* achieved as going towards your conditional offer. We would then make you an offer based on you taking Further Maths in Year 13 (as a full A-level) and one other A-level.

Is further maths A full GCSE?

Further Mathematics is a GCSE subject intended to cater for pupils who would like to study beyond the Higher Tier GCSE syllabus in Mathematics and who are capable of working above this level. The syllabus is designed to broaden the mathematical experience of high attaining pupils.

Is Aqa Level 2 further maths Cancelled?

This specification is no longer being taught or examined.

What are the hardest GCSE subjects?

The Top 10 Hardest GCSEs

  1. Modern Foreign Languages. In 2017, the number of students undertaking a GCSE in a modern foreign language experienced a slight decrease compared to 2016.
  2. History.
  3. Music.
  4. English Literature.
  5. Maths.
  6. Sciences.
  7. Engineering.
  8. Drama.

Is there a GCSE further maths?

Is Further Maths easy?

Whilst the course in Further Maths is easier than both Methods and Specialist, it is easier for everyone. If you don’t think that learning this kind of math would benefit you, and have no interest in math, you may be better off picking a subject you’d enjoy instead. But check university prerequisites.

Should I do further maths?

Further Maths is also highly desirable, if not required, by many top universities for Mathematics, Science and Engineering courses, as well as Computing and Economics. It may be studied alongside, or after, A level Mathematics.

Is additional maths a GCSE?

Additional Maths is a stepping-stone between GCSE and AS-level maths. You can move straight on to A-level maths and, as with GCSE, there is no coursework so all A-level maths exams are available to private candidates.

What is Aqa Level 2 further maths qualification?

AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths is a unique qualification designed to stretch and challenge high achieving mathematicians who either already have, or are expected to achieve the top grades in GCSE Mathematics or are likely to progress to study A-level Mathematics and possibly Further Mathematics.

When does the new AQA specification 8365 come out?

Our new Specification (8365) will be available for first assessment from 2020. The AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics is an untiered Level 2 linear qualification for students who

How many question papers do you need for GCSE Maths?

GCSE Mathematics has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 Students must take three question papers at the same tier. taken in the same series. The information in the table below is the same for both Foundation and Higher

Where can I get a copy of the AQA specification?

The definitive version of our specification will always be the one on our website, this may differ from printed versions. You can get further copies of this specification from: AQA Logistics Centre (Manchester) Unit 2 Wheel Forge Way Ashburton Park Trafford Park Manchester M17 1EH Or, you can download a copy from our website (