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What does Inamona mean in Hawaiian?

What does Inamona mean in Hawaiian?

ʻInamona is a condiment or relish used in traditional Hawaiian cooking made from roasted kukui nut (candlenuts) and sea salt. It is sometimes mixed with seaweeds, often accompanying meals.

What is the Hawaiian nut called?

Kukui Nut
The kukui nut is a dark nut with a smooth surface. The royal chiefs of Hawaii once wore leis made from these nuts. The ancient Polynesians brought these nuts to Hawaii, and Hawaiians have prized it since that time for its good looks and its many uses.

Are there nuts in poke?

In fact, poké in Hawaiian means to chunk, as the word poké comes from the verb ‘slice or cut’. Hence here comes the name of the dish. Traditional version would be seasoned with native limu, a type of sea algae, along with crushed kukui nuts (candlenuts).

What is kukui nut used for?

The sap, which is found when the stem is broken off of the green flesh surrounding the nut, was used to treat chapped lips, cold sores, and other mouth sores and thrush in children. Roasted, mashed kukui nuts, and kukui leaves, were used as a topical cure for rheumatic joints or deep bruises as well.

What do kukui nuts taste like?

Kukui nuts appear here in various stages; the meat has a flavor similar to Brazil nuts. Hawaiians made a reddish-brown kapa dye from the pulp surrounding the nut.

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What do kukui nut necklaces mean?

enlightenment, knowledge
Since Kukui is a source of light, it has come to symbolize enlightenment, knowledge, and learning. For this reason kukui nut lei are often used by educators for conferences, special occasions, or ceremonies.

Is poke Japanese or Hawaiian?

Poke means “chunk” or “slice” in Hawaiian. Poke bowls started becoming widely consumed during the late 19th century when Japanese workers in Hawaii introduced “donburi,” a traditional Japanese dish made with raw fish and rice, to the islands.

Is there a substitute for candle nut?

The best substitute for candlenuts are macadamia nuts Macadamia nuts have the same mildness and creaminess as the kukui nut, making it the perfect substitute. Cashew nuts can also be used, but because they are very creamy, you will want to reduce the number called for in your recipe.

How healthy is poke bowls?

Generally speaking this kind of bowl is exceptionally healthy. Packed full of omega 3 fats, nutrient rich vegetables and minimal calories and processed carbohydrates, a traditional poke is a great choice nutritionally. A traditional poke bowl is certainly fresh and healthy.