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What does Nancy mean slang?

What does Nancy mean slang?

(UK, US, derogatory, slang) An effeminate man, especially a homosexual. noun. 3. An effeminate or homosexual man. noun.

What does clean mean in slang?

c slang : having no contraband (such as weapons or drugs) in one’s possession All visitors to the prison are searched to make sure they’re clean.

Where does the term Nancy come from?

Nancy is a common English language given name for women. The name Nancy was originally a diminutive form of Anne or Ann. It began to be used as a proper name from the 18th century onwards….Nancy (given name)

Word/name England
Region of origin Europe
Other names
Related names Anne

What’s a Nancy boy mean?

Definition of ‘nancy boy’ a. an effeminate or homosexual boy or man. b. (as modifier)

Can Nancy be a boy’s name?

The name Nancy is a girl’s name of Hebrew, French origin. Nancy originated as a contraction of “mine Ancy,” with Ancy being a nickname for Annis, a Medieval English variation of Agnes. In the 18th century it began being used in its own right, as well as a nickname for Ann.

What’s a fancy word for clean?

What is another word for clean?

spotless cleansed
washed immaculate
pristine polished
sparkling speckless
unblemished unstained

What do you call a person who cleans?

A janitor (American English, Scottish English), custodian, porter, cleanser, cleaner or caretaker is a person who cleans and maintains buildings.

What is a British Nancy?

nancy in British English (ˈnænsɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -cies offensive. a. an effeminate or homosexual boy or man.

What is a nickname for Nancy?

In the 18th century it began being used in its own right, as well as a nickname for Ann. Related names include Nan, Nance, Nanette, Nanny, and Nanou.

What does Nancy mean in the Bible?

n(a)-ncy, nan-cy. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:1659. Meaning:grace.

What’s another name for Nancy?

What is another word for nancy?

sissy coward
weakling baby
chicken craven
wuss crybaby
pansy milksop

What is the dictionary definition of the word cleaning?

clean food, clean-handed, clean hands, clean hands, have, clean house, cleaning, cleaning woman, clean-limbed, cleanliness, Cleanliness is next to godliness, clean-living Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021 Example sentences from the Web for cleaning

What does come clean mean in Urban Dictionary?

come clean. Confess everything, as in If you come clean about what happened I will promise to keep it to myself. [Slang; early 1900s] See also: clean, come. COMMON If you come clean about something, you tell the truth about it. I had expected her to come clean and confess that she only wrote these books for the money.

Are there any synonyms for the word clean?

clean; clean and tidy; cleaned; cleaned up; fresh; gleaming; hygienic; immaculate; neat; polished; pure; sanitary; shining; shipshape; spic-and-span; spotless; spruce; tidy; unsoiled; unstained; untarnished

What is the meaning of the word Nance?

Offensive. an effeminate male. Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a gay man. Look both ways before you take this quiz on contronyms, or words that can have opposite meanings. Choose the sentence that uses “rent” correctly. No one wanted to rent the run-down house on the corner.