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What happened in MGS4?

What happened in MGS4?

Set five years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the story centers around a prematurely aged Solid Snake, now known as Old Snake, as he goes on one last mission to assassinate his nemesis Liquid Snake, who now inhabits the body of his former henchman Revolver Ocelot under the guise of Liquid …

How many hours of cutscenes are in MGS4?

MGS4 has 9 hours of cutscenes (Minor Spoilers)

Why is the Metal Gear story so complicated?

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is well-known for its complicated story that many say is as complex or even moreso than the twist-heavy TV show Lost. Part of the reason the overarching series narrative might be so complicated is because Kojima did not have the entire plot assembled when he made the first game, he said.

What happened to snake at the end of mgs4?

Solidus Snake – Metal Gear Solid 2 While one might expect this to be the end of the armored antagonist, the character reappears in Metal Gear Solid 4. The only perfect clone of Big Boss, Solidus Snake was rendered brain dead following the character’s injuries from Metal Gear Solid 2.

Is mgs4 the end?

Even though Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is said to mark the end of Solid Snake’s story arc, Kojima Productions’ associate producer Ryan Payton has words that fans of the series should be happy to hear.

How long is the ending of MGS4?

User Info: _Undying_ The epilogue is about 50 mins, the scenes before the epilogue are about 20 mins.

When did Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack come out?

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It is composed of two discs. It was released on May 28, 2008 by Konami Digital Entertainment under the catalog number GFCA-98/9. A soundtrack album was also packaged with the limited edition of the game.

Who are the acts in Metal Gear Solid 4?

The acts are all named after the Snake characters in the series, with the name of Act 4 also referring to the Metal Gear Solid remake, The Twin Snakes. In the original draft of Metal Gear Solid 4, the ending had Solid Snake and Otacon turning themselves in for the crimes they committed, and executed.

Who are the new bosses in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Four new bosses are also introduced: Crying Wolf, Raging Raven, Screaming Mantis, and Laughing Octopus, of The Beauty and the Beast Unit. Their animal names openly reference characters from Metal Gear Solid ‘s FOXHOUND unit and the emotions relating to the Cobra Unit from Metal Gear Solid 3.

Who is the composer of Metal Gear Solid?

A soundtrack album was also packaged with the limited edition of the game. The soundtrack is composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, his third Metal Gear Solid soundtrack, along with Nobuko Toda, Shuichi Kobori, Kazuma Jinnouchi and Ennio Morricone.