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What is a rebellious person?

What is a rebellious person?

A rebellious person likes to challenge authority and break the rules every now and then. A really rebellious group tries to overthrow the government. Being rebellious is part of the American character. A student who talks back to the teacher is being rebellious. An employee who ignores a dress code is being rebellious.

What is meaning of rebelling?

intransitive verb. 1a : to oppose or disobey one in authority or control. b : to renounce and resist by force the authority of one’s government. 2a : to act in or show opposition or disobedience rebelled against the conventions of polite society. b : to feel or exhibit anger or revulsion rebelled at the injustice of …

What is an example of rebellious?

The definition of rebellious is a person who is resistant to authority or control. An example of rebellious was Pancho Villa; a rebellious Mexican Revolutionary general. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a rebel or rebellion. Rebellious activity has diminished in the province.

What do you mean by turbulent?

1a : exhibiting physical turbulence turbulent air. b : characterized by agitation or tumult : tempestuous a turbulent marriage. 2 : causing unrest, violence, or disturbance a set of mischievous, turbulent rebels— Anne Brönte.

What causes a person to be rebellious?

Many, if not all, rebels are psychologically driven by a false sense of superiority and wounded sense of powerlessness stemming from early childhood experiences. Their rebelliousness can be seen as a compensatory mechanism. If you understand this, it can help you feel compassion for the rebel.

Is rebellion a good or bad thing?

Encouraging a healthy level of rebellion in a child is actually better for their emotional development, as it helps them explore the world, form a sense of self and later become fully functional adults. …

What is an act of rebellion?

noun. open, organized, and armed resistance to one’s government or ruler. resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition. the act of rebelling.

What is turbulent behavior?

Turbulent individuals are success-driven, perfectionistic, and eager to improve. They are always trying to counterbalance their self-doubts by achieving more. Just as they push themselves to become better, they’re as likely to push their projects or efforts in the same direction.

Is being rebellious immature?

It’s not just a behavior limited to immature children and young people. For some it can have negative consequences. But for others, when harnessed usefully, rebellion can actually a positive part of an adult life.

What was the original meaning of the word obnoxious?

Today obnoxious is commonly understood to mean ‘objectionable,’ but originally it meant ‘exposed to danger or harm.’ There are many examples from the 19th and early 20th century of people complaining over the changing meaning of this word, but its new sense is now fully established.

What do obnoxious people do in the workplace?

To them, nothing is sacred. Obnoxious people offend with thoughtless, uncaring actions. They give little or no thought to how their words or actions might affect anyone else. In the workplace, they have no regard for reporting relationships; they continually “go around” their boss to a higher executive for approval.

When do obnoxious people have the last word?

Obnoxious people insist on having the “last word.” In disagreements, they cannot leave a discussion with everyone having shared an opinion or giving input. They do not consider the conversation or discussion complete without the proverbial parting shot. Typically, their “last word” goes something like this: “Well, mark my word.”