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What is a sentence for Cube?

What is a sentence for Cube?

1 She sucked an ice cube into her mouth, and crunched it loudly. 2 Cube the apples before putting them in the pan. 3 A square has four corners; a cube has eight. 4 Please get me an ice cube out of the fridge.

What are 2 examples of compound sentences?

Compound Sentences

  • I like coffee. Mary likes tea. → I like coffee, and Mary likes tea.
  • Mary went to work. John went to the party. I went home. → Mary went to work, but John went to the party, and I went home.
  • Our car broke down. We came last. → Our car broke down; we came last.

What are 5 examples of compound sentences?

5 Examples of Compound Sentences

  • I want to lose weight, yet I eat chocolate daily.
  • Michael did not like to read. She was not very good at it.
  • Dr. Mark said I could come to his office on Friday or Saturday of next week.
  • My favorite sport is skiing. I am vacationing in Hawaii this winter.

What are 10 compound sentences?

Compound Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions She did not cheat on the test, for it was the wrong thing to do. I really need to go to work, but I am too sick to drive. I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert. He ran out of money, so he had to stop playing poker.

How do you use cute in a sentence?

Cute sentence example

  1. You look cute like that.
  2. I think it is so cute the way you two flirt with each other.
  3. “He’s cute ,” Betty said as Dean snapped off the flashlight.
  4. She looked so cute that Carmen took a few pictures of her.
  5. She’s cute as a princess and smart, like her mother.

What is a sentence for Bugle?

Bugle Sentence Examples It was calm, and at intervals the bugle calls and the shouts of the enemy could be heard from the hill. We currently don’t have a bugle In.. . Exhibits include the bugle played by Louis Armstrong in 1913.

What is bugle slang for?

BUGLE means “Cocaine.”

Does a bugle have keys?

In 1810 Joseph Halliday patented the key bugle, or Royal Kent bugle, with six brass keys (five closed, one open-standing) fitted to the once-coiled bugle to give it a complete diatonic (seven-note) scale. It became a leading solo instrument in military bands until replaced by the cornet.