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What is absolute omnipotence?

What is absolute omnipotence?

The concept of absolute omnipotence stands outside of God and restricts his activities. So we are left with a God which is less powerful, a God which is subservient to something outside his own nature. The concept of absolute omnipotence involves a kind of idolatry.

What is divine omnipotence?

divine omnipotence entails that God has libertarian active power, and that. He can make it possible that He chooses to do evil by taking up a human. nature that allows Him to be exposed to desires to do evil, even though He will. not choose to do evil under any circumstances.

How does Aquinas define omnipotence?

Aquinas believed that God necessarily wills himself to be, be good, be happy, and so cannot produce the contrary volitions. God’s omnipotence is part of the reason he cannot sin.

What omnipotence means?

1 : one who has unlimited power or authority : one who is omnipotent. 2 capitalized : god sense 1.

Can a human be omnipotent?

An omnipotent being would be a being whose power was unlimited. The power of human beings is limited in two distinct ways: we are limited with respect to our freedom of will, and we are limited in our ability to execute what we have willed.

Is God the only omnipotent?

Omnipotence is maximal power. Maximal greatness (or perfection) includes omnipotence. According to traditional Western theism, God is maximally great (or perfect), and therefore is omnipotent.

What are the 9 attributes of God?

Terms in this set (9)

  • God is unique. There is no God like Yahweh.
  • God is infinite and omnipotent. God is everywhere, unlimited, and all-powerful.
  • God is eternal. God always was and always will be.
  • God is immense.
  • God contains all things.
  • God is immutable.
  • God is utterly simple-a pure spirit.
  • God is personal.

What is God’s power called?

If, however, we consider the matter aright, since power is said in reference to possible things, this phrase, ‘God can do all things,’ is rightly understood to mean that God can do all things that are possible; and for this reason He is said to be omnipotent.” In the scholastic understanding, omnipotence is generally …

What are the four qualities of God?

The Westminster Shorter Catechism’s definition of God is an enumeration of his attributes: “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” This answer has been criticised, however, as having “nothing specifically Christian about it.” The …

Is there such thing as an omnipotent person?

Universal Irreversibility – Actions cannot be stopped or reversed. Omnipotence by definition is the absolute pinnacle. If something were to beat omnipotence, then it was never omnipotent to begin with. Strictly speaking, omnipotents in fiction often have human-like personalities, thus they are not omnipotent.

Is there a limit to the power of omnipotence?

Although users can do and know anything without limit, they may possibly choose not to, be it because of personal rules (like the Mother of Creation), or purely out of whim. Omnipotent beings can apply their power only in their respective fiction. Omnipotence can’t be achieved via other powers or otherwise. See Also: The Omnipotent .

How is the concept of omnipotence related to God?

Omnipotence is the property of being all-powerful; it is one of the traditional divine attributes in Western conceptions of God. This notion of an all-powerful being is often claimed to be incoherent because a being who has the power to do anything would, for instance, have the power to draw a round square.

Is there such thing as a paradox of omnipotence?

This question is known as the Paradox of the Stone, or the Paradox of Omnipotence. It appears that answering either “yes” or “no” will mean that the being in question is not omnipotent after all. For suppose that the being cannot create the stone. Then it seems that it is not omnipotent, for there is something that it cannot do.