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What is government property far?

What is government property far?

Government-furnished property means property in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the contractor for performance of a contract.

What is the difference between GFE and GFM?

Unlike GFE, GFM is consumed or expended by the contractor during the performance of a contract. The cost of GFM is included in the cost of the contract end-item to be delivered.

What is the FAR Changes clause?

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) defines “change order” to mean “a written order, signed by the contracting officer, directing the contractor to make a change that the Changes clause authorizes the contracting officer to order without the contractor’s consent.” FAR 2.101.

What is contractor acquired property?

“Contractor-acquired property” means property acquired, fabricated, or otherwise provided by the contractor for performing a contract and to which the Government has title.

What is GFE in the army?

Logistics & Supply Management Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) (FAR Part 45) is equipment that is owned by the government and delivered to or made available to a contractor.

What is considered GFE?

Government furnished equipment or “GFE” consists of equipment in the possession of or acquired directly by the Government, and subsequently delivered to or otherwise made available to the contractor for use on a contract (i.e. contract performance).

How do you modify a contract?

Always put a contract amendment in writing and make sure both parties sign and date it. Reference the title of the contract, if applicable; its original parties; and original signing date, so that it is clear what document you are amending. Attach the amendment to the original contract.

What is the first step in the solicitation phase?

39Q: The first step in solicitation and award is to: 39A: Notify industry that a contract need exists and identify parameters of that need.

What are the only exceptions to final acceptance?


What is Contractor acquired property?

What does far 52.245-2 say about disposition?

FAR 52.245-2 and 52.245-5 both provide very clear direction on proper disposition. FAR guidance basically states that when a contract is complete, or even earlier, contractors should submit in a CO approved form, inventory schedules covering all government property (including scrap) not consumed in performance of the contract.

What is far clause 52.245-1 government property?

FAR Clause | 52.245-1 Government Property. FAR 52.245-1 Government Property. Basic (Jan 2017) (i) All cost-reimbursement and time-and-material type solicitations and contracts, and labor-hour solicitations when property is expected to be furnished for the labor-hour contracts.

What is the disposition process for government property?

Disposition of Government Property. The disposition process is composed of three distinct phases: identification, reporting, and final disposition. a. Identification. The disposition process begins with the contractor identifying Government property that is no longer required for contract performance.

What is the FAR clause in DFARS 252.245-7004?

FAR Clause | 252.245-7004 Reporting, Reutilization, and Disposal. DFARS 252.245-7004 Reporting, Reutilization, and Disposal. Basic (Dec 2017) (Current) As prescribed in 245.107 (5), use the clause at 252.245–7004, Reporting, Reutilization, and Disposal, in solicitations and contracts that contain the clause at FAR 52.245-1, Government Property.