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What kind of products does Owens Corning make?

What kind of products does Owens Corning make?

Owens Corning is a global building and industrial materials leader. The company’s three integrated businesses are dedicated to the manufacture and advancement of a broad range of insulation, roofing and fiberglass composite materials.

How to get job alerts from Owens Corning?

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How is Owens Corning ranked in the world?

Owens Corning earned placement on Mogul’s Top 1000 Companies Worldwide. This is based on annual research on workplaces for women, involving public information as well as nominations from Mogul’s 20,000 HR partners and collaborators.

When did Owens Corning become a Fortune 500 company?

Based in Toledo, Ohio, USA, the company posted 2020 sales of $7.1 billion. Founded in 1938, it has been a Fortune 500® company for 66 consecutive years. For more information, please visit Sign up here to get the latest job openings to your inbox.

Founded in 1938, Owens Corning has approximately one hundred operations spread across North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Owens Corning manufactures insulation, roofing, and composite products. Owens Corning has negligible outsourcing of manufacturing processes and it is immaterial to our business.

When did Owens Corning change its name to Corning?

In 1996, the company changed its name to Owens Corning. In May 1997, Owens Corning acquired Fibreboard Corporation, a vinyl siding and other industrial material manufacturer, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Owens Corning.

Which is the best Owens Corning roofing company?

Owens Corning is more than just a trusted name, we are a market leader in roofing shingles, underlayment and components products. Our systems look better, last longer and offer more choices to perfectly fit your project. The look of a roof can have a significant impact on the overall design and perceived value of a home.

When did Owens Corning trademark the color pink?

The color PINK was trademarked through Owens-Corning in 1986, making it the first company to trademark a color. By 1990, Owens-Corning was the defendant in about 84,500 asbestos-related lawsuits. The company opened an Asia/Pacific division in 1993.