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When was the last tornado in Niles Ohio?

When was the last tornado in Niles Ohio?

May 31, 1985
On May 31, 1985, the City of Niles was struck by an F5 tornado that had its origins just West of Newton Falls, where it destroyed much of that town….

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What year was the tornado in Niles Ohio?

NILES — Those who drove past Niles Union Cemetery in the early 1980s might not have even known it was there, as it was so hidden by large, lovely trees. That changed on May 31, 1985, when an F5 tornado tore through the city and the cemetery, ripping those massive trees out of the ground and toppling gravestones.

What was the worst tornado in Ohio?

The most destructive date for tornadoes in Ohio was on April 3, 1974, as 16 tornadoes touched down, including F5 strength storms in Green, Clark and Hamilton counties that led to 39 deaths and 1,340 injuries. The storms caused more than $250 million in property damage.

How many tornadoes were there in 1985?

Tornadoes of 1985

F5 damage to a shopping center from Niles/Wheatland tornado.
Timespan January–December 1985
Tornadoes in U.S. 684
Damage (U.S.) unknown
Fatalities (U.S.) 94

What is the strongest tornado ever recorded in Pennsylvania?

Niles, Ohio/Wheatland, Pennsylvania The tornado killed 18 people and injured 310, and was the most violent and deadly of the 43 recorded that day. Registering F5 on the Fujita scale, it remains the only F5 in Pennsylvania history, and was also the most violent tornado reported in the United States in 1985.

Is Barrie in Tornado Alley?

Robinson, who tracks the paths of serious storms for the Weather Network where he hosts a show called Storm Hunters, hails from Guelph, directly on the path of Ontario’s traditional tornado alley. …

What happened on May 31st 1985?

On the evening of May 31st, 1985, a devastating and deadly tornado outbreak struck the Northeastern United States and Canada. 43 tornadoes and numerous damaging thunderstorms tore across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario.

When was the big tornado in Xenia Ohio?

April 3, 1974
On April 3, 1974 — 46 years ago today — much of Xenia was leveled by a powerful F5 tornado. The twister, part of one of the worst tornado breakouts in US history, injured 1,150 and destroyed around 1,400 buildings, about half of those in Xenia. Nine schools, nine churches and nearly 180 businesses were ripped apart.

Where is Tornado Alley in Ohio?

Although the boundaries of Tornado Alley are debatable (depending on which criteria you use—frequency, intensity, or events per unit area), the region from central Texas, northward to northern Iowa, and from central Kansas and Nebraska east to western Ohio is often collectively known as Tornado Alley.

What city in Ohio gets the most tornadoes?

A total of 1,412 results found….Ohio Tornado Index City Rank.

Rank Tornado Index ▼ City / Population
1. 274.92 Sharonville, OH / 13,836
2. 272.14 Glendale, OH / 2,219
3. 270.18 Springdale, OH / 11,201
4. 269.78 West Chester, OH

Has a tornado ever hit Pennsylvania?

There were 19 confirmed tornadoes in Pennsylvania alone. This was the deadliest tornado outbreak of the 1980s, killing 89 people and injuring more than 1,000. May 31, 1998: At least 20 tornadoes, including multiple EF2s and EF3s, were recorded in several states, including New York and Pennsylvania.

Where was the 1985 Niles to Wheatland tornado?

In total, the Niles, OH to Wheatland, PA F5 tornado of May 31, 1985 impacted three counties in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania. According to NOAA (2019), the F5 tornado killed 18 people, injured 310 and caused $750 million dollars in damage.

Where was the 1985 tornado outbreak in the US?

The 1985 United States–Canada tornado outbreak, referred to as the Barrie tornado outbreak in Canada, was a major tornado outbreak that occurred in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario, on May 31, 1985. 44 tornadoes were counted including 14 in Ontario, Canada.

Where did tornado hit in Erie County in 1985?

The tornado moved across the northwestern tip of Crawford County and then entered Erie County near Pennside. After causing considerable damage there, the tornado slammed into Albion leveling the town. A ten-block area was completely destroyed, with nine people being killed. The tornado killed three more people in Cranesville before lifting.

When was the last tornado in Northeast Ohio?

Twenty-one tornadoes tracked across Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania during the evening of May 31st. Of these twenty-one, one was rated an F5, and six were rated F4’s.