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Where are the Qunari swords?

Where are the Qunari swords?

There are 10 swords spread throughout Kirkwall and the surrounding areas:

  • Hightown (Day) – Korval’s Blades.
  • Lowtown (Day) – Weaponsmithy.
  • Lowtown (Night) – Found in rubble (exact location) in the Foundry District.
  • Gallows Courtyard – Weapon Shop.
  • Anders’s Clinic – Found in a crate (exact location)

How many Qunari swords are there?

Now you can go back to the localization during the day [Hightown] and give Taarbasow all ten swords (M3, 23). The main reward for finishing this quest will be a valuable dagger of Bassrath-Kat.

Where are the Awiergan Scrolls?

Acquisition. This quest is acquired upon finding a scroll in the Wounded Coast. The scroll is on the ground near a corpse, located south of the area’s entrance at the end of the first dead end path.

Where is the last Awiergan scroll?

The scroll is located along the southern loop before the Dalish Camp.

Where is the sextant in Dragon Age?

During Unrest in the Alienage, the Warden will need to pass through some Run-Down Apartments in the Elven Alienage in Denerim. In the northern central room of the apartments is a chest containing the Free Sailor Sextant.

How do you protect Ser Otto?

One way of preventing Otto from dying is to close the door behind you while he is still on the other side, allowing the party to use AoE attacks that Otto will charge into and die. Before leaving the orphanage, check in the chest of the last room to acquire an amulet, which is an item for the side quest Hearing Voices.

How do I get into the Alienage Dragon Age?


  1. You have to walk in thru the gate that was previously barred from passage. After that, you can go back anytime from the City Map.
  2. After you save the queen and get the quest from Eamon you should be able to just talk to the guard next to the gate in Denerim market district. User Info: xytalyst.

Can you save Ser Otto?

Notes. It is possible for him to die before the end of the dungeon. When Ser Otto dies in his scripted death, you can loot afterwards the Knight-Commander’s Shield from his body. However it is not his rank.

Where is the abandoned orphanage Dragon Age?

the Denerim Alienage
The Abandoned Orphanage was the site of a massacre during an elven riot in the Denerim Alienage. All of its previous occupants have perished in the massacre save a deranged female beggar. It now sits empty in the Denerim Alienage, though a dark presence seems to linger.

Where is Raelnor in Dragon Age Origins?

Denerim Market District
Raelnor along with five of his men are located in the Denerim Market District. You can either fight him or talk to him first. If you prefer to talk with him, he will tell you about his son Taoran.

Where can I find Vilhm Madon?

Putting the pieces of the story together, you’ll realize that they’re coming from somebody named Vilhm Madon located somewhere in Denerim. You’ll find Madon inside the quaint hovel in Denerim’s Dirty Back Alley. When you enter the hovel, Madon will transform into Gaxkang the Unbound, and he’ll attack you.

Who are the Qunari in Dragon Age Inquisition?

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Qunari are a playable race for the Inquisitor and can be of any class. The Qunari Inquisitor is a Vashoth; a Qunari who was never born into the Qun. Racial benefits: 10% physical damage resistance. Qunari are generally taller and more physically robust than humans.

Why is the Lost Swords quest important in Dragon Age?

This means that getting the weapon has the same significance as the tradition of giving a weapon to a Qunari. This quest helps to elaborate the significance of a blade to a Qunari (particularly the warriors), a concept touched upon in The Sword of the Beresaad and Blackpowder Promise.

Where are all the swords in Dragon Age?

There are 10 swords spread throughout Kirkwall and the surrounding areas: Hightown (Day) – Korval’s Blades. Costs 3 75, found under “Other” items. Lowtown (Day) – Weaponsmithy. Costs 3, found under “Other” items. Lowtown (Night) – Found in rubble ( exact location) in the Foundry District . Gallows Courtyard – Weapon Shop.

What kind of sword do you use in Dragon Age Inquisition?

This page lists swords, one-handed warrior weapons in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Note: Refer to the Weapon schematics page for a full list of crafted Sword Schematics. Rewarded upon completing Choose Successor in Lydes war table operation only if Caralina becomes Duchess.