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Where can I buy a VTA monthly pass?

Where can I buy a VTA monthly pass?

Clipper on VTA

  • At any Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) on all light rail platforms. Ticket Vending Machines accept cash, debit or credit cards.
  • At
  • At a local Walgreens and other participating Clipper retailers.
  • At work through your employee transit benefit program.

What is a VTA smart pass?

The SmartPass program is a calendar year pass available for Institutions within Santa Clara County to purchase for all their eligible individuals. The SmartPass grants access to unlimited trips on VTA-operated bus and light rail service, excluding VTA Express Bus Service.

How do you pay for the bus in San Jose?

Just load your Clipper card with cash, tag it upon boarding, and once you’ve paid the equivalent of a Day Pass, any further local rides that day will be free. VTA light rail operates on a proof-of-payment system. All light rail passengers must have a valid fare before boarding light rail.

How do you use VTA?

How do I use a Ticket Vending Machine?

  1. Purchase an Adult Clipper card for $3 at select light rail platforms.
  2. Load Clipper e-cash value, VTA Monthly Pass, or other transit agency passes.
  3. Purchase a 2-Hour Single Ride Pass. *
  4. Purchase a an 8-Hour Excursion Pass. *
  5. Redeem a VTA Token for a Day Pass.

How much is a BART pass?

Ticket types

Clipper card Fare values Price
Standard Full fare Face value
High value $48 or $64 $45 or $60
Youth (age 5-18) 50% discount fare is charged. Face value
Senior (age 65+) 62.5% discount fare is charged. Face value

Do Clipper cards expire?

Cash on your card won’t expire; time-limited passes and tickets will expire. To load a Monthly Pass or cash, customers with Clipper cards (Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled) can load their products immediately by going to: Clipper retail outlets, such as participating Walgreens. Downtown San Francisco Muni fare machines.

How much does a Clipper card cost?

You’re joining the millions who choose Clipper. Order your adult card online or buy one in person for just $3. If you order online and set up automatic reloading, your card is free!

Can I use Clipper card on bus?

To use Clipper on your phone, tag your phone by holding it near a Clipper reader every time you board a bus, train, or ferry including when you transfer. On most buses and stand-alone readers, you will be shown the amount of your transactions and your balance (or expiration date of your pass).

What is EZ fare?

The EZ transit pass is a monthly pass good for local travel on 23 different public transit carriers throughout the Greater Los Angeles region.

How much is Clipper monthly pass?

Monthly Pass Price Table (Discount valid through June, 2023)

Clipper Monthly Pass Travel within
1 Zone 6 Zones
Adult $96.00 $76.80 $433.50 $346.80
Eligible Discount $48.00 $38.40 $198.00 $158.40

Is BART parking free on weekends?

BART owns and operates more than 47,000 parking spaces at 36 stations, and many stations have additional nearby parking managed by other entities. Parking fees are in effect Monday through Friday from 4:00 am to 3:00 pm. Parking is free outside of these times and on the weekends.

How many monthly passes can you buy on VTA?

The Annual Pass Subscription Program allows you to pre-purchase 12 monthly passes (for 12 consecutive months) for the price of 11 monthly passes. Annual Pass Application with Terms and Conditions.

Is there a refund for a VTA Youth Pass?

No refunds shall be made for purchased passes. Lost or stolen Day Passes or Monthly Passes shall not be replaced. Youth 18 and under enjoy unlimited rides on VTA bus and light rail with the Summer Youth Pass from June through August. That’s three months of travel for the price of two Youth Monthly passes!

Is there a way to pay for a VTA ride?

VTA offers several ways to pay, including prepaid options to save 10% or more. Enjoy unlimited free transfers for 2 hours on the VTA EZfare mobile app, and unlimited rides with a Monthly Pass on Clipper. A good way to get started! Pay as you go. Free 2-hour transfers with VTA’s EZfare mobile app or Clipper.

Can you use a VTA convention pass on Highway 17 Express?

Per VTA Board Approved Fare Policy: Convention Passes are available only to Conventions/Hotels and not valid on Highway 17 Express. No refunds shall be made for purchased passes. Lost or stolen Day Passes or Monthly Passes shall not be replaced.