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Which song has only one word?

Which song has only one word?

“You Are So Beautiful to Me” – Joe Cocker He belted out one of their slowest and most popular tracks You Are So Beautiful to Me. Covered by Ray Charles, Joe Cocker and Kenny Rogers, it’s made its mark and for a mere 31 words.

What is the longest one word song title?

Artist Song % Correct

What songs have a name in the title?

Classic Songs with a Name in the Title

  • “Rhiannon,” Fleetwood Mac.
  • “Eleanor Rigby,” The Beatles.
  • “Runaround Sue,” Dion.
  • “Come On, Eileen,” Dexy’s Midnight Runners.
  • “Johnny B. Goode,” Chuck Berry.
  • “Darling Nikki,” Prince.
  • “Me and Bobby McGee,” Janis Joplin.
  • “Sweet Caroline,” Neil Diamond.

What are some short songs?

Short Is Sweet: The Greatest Pop Songs Under 3 Minutes

1 Dancing In The Street – Stereo Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 2:45
2 God Only Knows – Remastered 1997 / Mono The Beach Boys 2:53
3 Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Remastered 2011 Queen 2:43
4 C’Mon Everybody Eddie Cochran 1:58
5 Be-Bop-A-Lula Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps 2:36

What is the most repetitive song?

The Most Repetitive Songs

Track Size Reduction
1. Around The World – Daft Punk, 1997 98%
2. The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim, 1998 95%
3. Chain Of Fools (Part 1) – Jimmy Smith, 1968 92%
4. Get Low – Dillon Francis & DJ Snake, 2015 90%

What’s the most popular name in songs?

The most common name was Johnny. There have been 46 hit songs with the name John or Johnny, from “Johnny B. Goode” to “Sloop John B” to “Do the John Wall.” And while Johnny reigns supreme, female names have an edge on male names overall, 52 to 48 percent.

What songs have girl in the title?

Girls Songs List

  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper.
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie.
  • Where Them Girls At – David Guetta (Feat.
  • Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston.
  • The Trouble With Girls – Scotty McCreery.
  • Girls – Beastie Boys.
  • California Girls – The Beach Boys.
  • Bad Girls – Donna Summer. Released in 1979, Bad Girls.

What is the most popular song title?

The straightforward, relatable concept of “wanting” is at the forefront when it comes to common song titles, with the phrase “I Want You” reaching the top of the list. Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, KISS, Janet Jackson, The Kooks, Common, Cheap Trick, Savage Garden, Mary J.

What’s the shortest hit song?

25 of the Shortest Songs Ever

  1. Napalm Death – You Suffer (Duration: 1.3 seconds)
  2. Smashing Pumpkins – 17 (Duration: 17 seconds)
  3. The Beatles – Her Majesty (Duration: 23 seconds)
  4. Green Day – The Ballad of Willem Fink (Duration: 32 seconds)
  5. Jonny Trunk – Ladies’ Bras (Duration: 36 seconds)

How many songs have one word song titles?

And single-word singles aren’t just charting more, they’re charting higher. Since 2010, 28 per cent of songs reaching the top 20 had a one-word title. The age of pithy pop extends beyond just the one-word hits; the average length of a Hot 100 song title has shrunk from 3.76 words in the 1960s to 2.72 this decade.

Are there any one word songs on the Billboard Hot 100?

The number of charting songs with one-word titles continues to grow, with single-monikered tracks now making up nearly a third of the Billboard Hot 100 each week. To explore this trend, we’ve delved into the Hot 100 archives to formulate this chart of the top 50 biggest one-word hits.

What do the numerals mean in song titles?

Note that song titles beginning with symbols, numerals or parentheses are at the beginning of the A-B list. In the Source Column, G means the topic was at the Guardian, SB means it was at the Song Bar. A-B by Song to the End of 2016 C-F by Song to the End of 2016 G-I by Song to the End of 2016

Who are the top one word songs of the 1950’s?

Rankings are based on the popularity of each recording during the period of 1950 through 1969. Four artists lead the list with three songs apiece: Perry Como comes out on top, with two of his three in the top ten. Tommy Roe, The Beatles and Classics IV also displayed a tendency toward one-word titles. MORE TOP 100 LISTS!