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Who are the actors in the movie Polytechnic?

Who are the actors in the movie Polytechnic?

Aju Varghese and Joju George are also playing important roles in the movie. The Malayalam film ‘Polytechnic’ is expected to be a political satire .’Polytechnic’ is penned by Nishad Koya ( ‘Ordinary’ fame ) and Kala Nair is producing this family entertainer . Distribution : K N M & Percy Pictures . Loading…

Are there any Malayalam movies released in 2014?

There were 149 movies released in Malayalam in the year 2014. List is sorted as per the date of release. 1. Salala Mobiles (2014) 3.8 Error: please try again. After his uncle helps Afsal to start a mobile shop, he gets happy and hopeful about future.

Who is the director of Konthayum Poonulum movie?

Konthayum Poonulum is a Malayalam Family drama directed by Jijo Antony. A baker rushes home to be with his heavily pregnant wife. A police officer, picks up a lady from the streets, but she…

Polytechnic is a 2014 Indian Malayalam-language comedy film directed by M. Padmakumar and produced by Kala Nair. The film stars Kunchacko Boban and Bhavana in the lead roles. The music of the film was composed by Gopi Sundar. K N M & Percy Pictures distributed the film.

Who is Sukumaran Nair in the movie Polytechnic?

A politician by profession, he does many helpful activities for the benefit of poor people in the village. Sukumaran Nair, a member of the opposition party, tries to disrupt whatever Pauly does. They have been enemies for a very long time. Things become worse when Pauly falls in love with Sukumaran Nair’s daughter Aswathy (Bhavana).

Is the movie Polytechnic by Vishu a flop?

Polytechnic was a flop among Vishu releases. Sify rated that Nishad Koya of Ordinary fame has come up with a really ordinary story and a tasteless script. M Padmakumar has religiously taken all what was written in the script, it seems, without using much discretion.

How did Pauly get out of jail in Polytechnic?

Pauly tries to get the required approvals, but nothing works out. Bekkar plays friend tries to get him the approval by paying a man who promised to get them the required approvals. Turns out that the certificates given to them are fake and Pauly gets arrested. When released from jail Pauly rejects an offer to buy the land from him.