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Who does Lin Dong marry?

Who does Lin Dong marry?

Story. Lin Dong came to the Great Thousand World to find his wife’s, Ying Huanhuan reincarnation remnant.

How many wives does Lin Dong have?

Man does not live by demon fighting alone, and before long Lin Dong has two women in his life (not counting his younger sister, who can be a bit of a pain). Of the two, Ying Huan Huan (Zhang Tian’ai) seems like his perfect match: from a separate martial arts clan, there’s some super-powers in her past too.

Who is Ying Huanhuan?

She is Lin Dong’s wife and also the reason why he came to the Great Thousand World from his lower plane. She ignited her reincarnation to help Lin Dong reach the Ancestor Stage to deal with the Yimo Emperor, who tried to invade their home world.

Does Lin Dong marry Ling qingzhu?

Later in the story when Lin Dong proves himself in the Great Sect Competition she starts to feel positive feelings for him. At the end of the story she becomes Lin Dong wife.

How many ancestral symbols does Lin Dong have?

One does not merely require strength in order to obtain approval from the Ancestral Symbol. Among the eight Ancestral Symbols, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol is the most mysterious one.

Who is Lin Jing?

Lin Jing is a scientist and inventor who works for the SID. He has his own lab in the SID offices. He also works for Professor Ouyang.

Who is the heroine of martial universe?

Zhang Tian’aiYing Huanhuan
Wang LikunLiu YanMu Qianqian
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On August 29, 2016, Yang Yang was announced as the male lead, Lin Dong. On October 10, 2016, the lead actress was announced to be Zhang Tianai, who would play the role of Ling Qingzhu.

How old is Yang Yang?

29 years (September 9, 1991)
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How many seasons of martial universe are there?

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How tall is Yang Yang in feet?

1.8 m
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Who is the heroine of Martial Universe?

Who is Lin Dong in Wu Dong Qian Kun?

Lin Dong is the main protagonist of Wu Dong Qian Kun. He is also rank one on the super sect most wanted list. Later on according to the Ice Spirit Tribe side story he created the Martial Realm.

Who was Hong Kong Special Agent Lin Dong?

Hong Kong Special Agent Lin Dong was told that his daughter Xixi (who suffers from leukemia) is in critical condition. He speeds over to the hospital, but on the way his co-worker, Xiao Su, informs him that a critical witness is in danger.

Why did Lin Dong come to the Great thousand World?

He inherited the power of the Symbol Ancestor, an expert that came to Lin Dong’s lower plane from the Great Thousand World, and successfully defended Lin Dong’s world from the threat of a Yimo Emperor . Lin Dong came to the Great Thousand World to find his wife’s, Ying Huanhuan reincarnation remnant.

What’s the relationship between Lin Hong and Lin Dong?

Lin Hong (former): Lin Dong has a strained relationship with Lin Hong. He is friendly on the surface. However he is more fiendish than Lin Shan. He is known as the tyrant within the younger generation in the Lin Family.