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Who is the most popular homunculus?

Who is the most popular homunculus?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Every Homunculus Ranked By Likability

  1. 1 Greed.
  2. 2 King Bradley/Wrath.
  3. 3 Gluttony.
  4. 4 Lust.
  5. 5 Sloth.
  6. 6 Father. Father is the big boss of all the Homunculi.
  7. 7 Envy. Just like Pride, Envy is an irredeemable scum.
  8. 8 Pride. Pride is the second-in-command of the Homunculi; he is the pinnacle of evil.

Is envy the strongest homunculus?

Of all the Homunculi, Envy has the most powers that are exclusive to them, and they use all of those abilities to their advantage with a good amount of success.

Who was the weakest homunculus?

Gluttony seems like the weakest homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist, but that’s because he clearly was never meant to fight like Wrath or Lust. During the story of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Father carries out his ambitious scheme with the aid of seven homunculi “children,” and they all have a role to play.

Who is the strongest sin in FMAB?

Pride was the first and therefore the strongest of all the homunculi. Which makes sense, as traditionally pride is considered the greatest of the 7 sins, as well as having been the primary sin of Lucifer.

Are all homunculus evil?

Type of Villains The Homunculi are the main antagonistic faction in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. In both series, they are evil organizations of sorts, although for differing reasons. Its members are named after the Seven Deadly Sins from Christian doctrine.

Who is stronger pride or Wrath?

Both of these homunculi are capable of slicing or stabbing an opponent to death, but sometimes, a weapon’s best measure is its sheer reach, and in that case, Pride has the edge over Wrath. Although fierce, Wrath’s reach only extends to the length of his sabers.

Who is the fastest homunculus?


  • Aliases. “The Fastest Homunculus” “Sloth the Indolent”
  • Place of Creation. Amestris.
  • Age. Some 150 years old (third youngest Homunculus)
  • Creator. Father.
  • Affiliations. Father, Pride.
  • Species. Homunculus.
  • Occupation. Excavator of the underground tunnels.
  • Abilities. Extreme Super strength, Extreme Super durability,

Who are the villains in the homunculus manga?

In the manga and 2009 anime, the Homunculi are the eight primary villainous forces of the series. The central antagonist is the original Homunculus known simply as Father, who was created several hundred years before the start of the series in the presently non-existent nation of Xerxes.

Is there going to be a homunculus movie?

It was serialized in Shogakukan ‘s seinen manga magazine Big Comic Spirits, with its chapters collected in fifteen tankōbon volumes. A live-action film adaptation, directed by Takashi Shimzu and starring Gō Ayano premiered in April 2021.

When did the first homunculus manga come out?

Homunculus (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu) is a Japanese manga by Hideo Yamamoto, intended for the seinen audience. It is serialized in the magazine Big Comic Spirits. The first volume was released by Shogakukan on July 30, 2003, the last volume on April 28, 2011.

Is the homunculus the same color as the alchemist?

They also share the same black hair and the same eye color, which is shown to be lavender in the 2003 series and purple in the 2009 series. In the manga, Arakawa mostly depicted the Homunculi’s eyes as purple, but occasionally they appeared as red.