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Who is the owner of L Atelier de Joel Robuchon?

Who is the owner of L Atelier de Joel Robuchon?

Owned by Joel Robuchon, the world’s most decorated Michelin-star chef, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon is a French gourmet restaurant with workshop-inspired concept. This restaurant focuses on serving French haute cuisine.

How much does a meal at Joel Robuchon cost?

Cost: Small plates, $28 (eggplant confit)-$95 (American wagyu ribcap); main courses at $52 (beef tartare)-$135 (filet mignon); desserts at $28. Set menus are more, obviously. All prices are service-included. Expect to spend about $200-$300 per person on a la carte meals.

How did Joel Robuchon make a name for himself?

In 1980s Paris, the indulgent spuds helped Robuchon make a name for himself at his now-closed Jamin. The impossible ratio of butter to fingerlings, as well the fact that Robuchon was serving such a humble dish at an ambitious venue, epitomized the chef’s efforts to counter France’s lighter, brighter, yet somewhat affected nouvelle cuisine.

How much does a meal at l Atelier de Joel cost?

Expect to spend about $200-$300 per person on a la carte meals. Sample dishes: Eggplant confit, Maine lobster with black pepper, beet and apple tartare with green mustard, beef and foie gras burgers, scallops with green curry, sugar sphere with lemon sorbet and Thai basil gelee, white chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookie crumble.

Which is the best Joel Robuchon Restaurant in Singapore?

Joël Robuchon Restaurant at Sentosa is a fine dining restaurant where service, setting, ingredients, presentation, and above all-taste, combine to create a sublime, once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Joël Robuchon Restaurant will amaze guests with its repertoire of inventive French classics.

What do you need to know about Joel Robuchon?

Every year Joël Robuchon restaurants recruit in all areas of the restaurant industry. If you are a pastry chef, baker, cook, waiter, commis or administrative assistant and you are passionate about the world of Joël Robuchon, we would like to hear from you.

Where is the Joel Robuchon Restaurant at MGM Grand?

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Restaurant is located on the MGM Grand casino floor next to Cirque Du Soleil’s KÀ theatre. Walk straight through the Casino towards Avenue Café. Turn right and continue past CRUSH and L’Atelier will be on your left just in front of KA Theater and Joel Robuchon Restaurant.