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Why does my Denon receiver keep switching inputs?

Why does my Denon receiver keep switching inputs?

Premium Member. This is likely occuring because the HDMI-CEC (Samsung – Anynet+, Sony – Bravia Sync, Panasonic – Viera Link, etc.) setting in those devices is set to ON so set it OFF in all but the 891 (ie HDMI Control).

How do I change the default input on a Denon receiver?

How do I set the Default Input on my HEOS HomeCinema? Click on “Setting” and select My Devices>HEOS HomeCinema or Assigned name>TV Input> and select between HDMI Out (ARC), Optical or Coaxial.

Do Denon receivers have CEC?

For CEC control to work, all HDMI connected devices must have and support the CEC feature. Please note that the AVR-3808CI and AVR-4308CI models did not have CEC control until after the firmware Feature Package Upgrade. The AVR-5308CI and AVP-A1HDCI models had CEC control after their first feature update.

Is HDMI ARC the best?

Which one is Better HDMI ARC or Optical? HDMI ARC is much better than optical because it has a much higher bandwidth thus being able to transfer higher-resolution video and audio. The optical cable and technology are quite limited. Optical also does not support video.

What is RC select on Denon receiver?

RC Select. Set whether to allow this unit to be turned on by the input source select button on the remote control when this unit is on standby. (Default): The power of this unit is turned on and the input source changes.

What do I do if my TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC?

If you TV does not have ARC port then you will have to use optical, as normal HDMI port does not support both way data transfer for audio to go out of it.

Why does my AVR turn on in the middle of the night?

Have exactly the same issue with the AVR-S501BT, turns on in the night a few times a month. In addition I have the pass-through switched off and the receiver set to turn on with mute on yet when it powers on by itself it does so with sound on (from the tivo).

Why does my Denon AVR keep turning itself on?

If not, you know it was the TIVO causing it. If the Denon still turns itself on then it’s something else or you have a resident ghost… Either that or the person living in your crawlspace just fancied watching a movie when you were all sleeping. Noticed any drinks or unexplained open bags of crisps in the room?

Which is better the avrx3600 or the X2700?

Any advice appreciated! The AVRX3600 would still be the superior model. The only thing adventageous about the X2700 is its inclusion of HDMI version 2.1. If you want a comparable replacement for the X3600 inclusive of HDMI version 2.1 then you’d need at least an X3700.

How many channels does the Denon X2700 have?

THe X2700 is a 7 channel model with just 7 channel processing. Stick with your X3600, connect the next gen XBox directly to your TV and then use eARC to passthrough the audio. Thanks for the reply, so my worry about the Xbox would be a non issue because I’d run it straight to the TV via 2.1 with the TV connected to the Denon via EARC for the sound?