Common questions

Is the Sony cdp-x777es an integrated player?

Is the Sony cdp-x777es an integrated player?

As an integrated player… better has been done since, for sure. And better had been done before, too : Sony’s own CDP-R1 and DAS-R1 combo, albeit “older” in technology, has all the qualities of an X777ES times 10 !

How many DACS does the Sony x779 CD player use?

Complementary PLM A/D Converter: Instead of the X77’s two DACs per channel, the 779’s “high-density linear converter” uses four per channel to output its pulse-length–modulated (PLM) bitstream at 90 million pulses per second (footnote 3).

Is the Sony x777es used for Accuphase?

It is no wonder Accuphase used Sony’s drives for its own. And no wonder these sold like hotcakes in Germany and Japan : as all X7 players, the X777ES still is part of the crème de la crème when considered as a drive.

Why does my Sony X77 CD player make a noise?

The weight of the X77 is reflected in what’s inside. The slight noise heard just before the drawer opens appeared to be caused, not by plastic parts, but by the bottoming of the CD center support (the mechanism which actually rotates the CD) as it drops slightly on release from the upper clamp prior to the drawer opening.

How much does a Sony 777es SACD player cost?

The 777ES is a target for upgraders and ‘improved’ player are selling for $2500.00 US. SACD playback is still excellent and the player has both optical and coax digital outputs for your Red Book streams to go to a more modern DAC.

What’s the build quality of a Sony X7?

As all Sony X7 players, the build quality is truly unbelievable and completely unseen nowadays. The feel of use matches that quality : one has to see and touch these players to really understand what luxury in build-quality is. It is no wonder Accuphase used Sony’s drives for its own.