What did Harold Reid pass away from?

What did Harold Reid pass away from?

April 24, 2020
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Are Statler Brothers still alive?

The Statler Brothers, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune, and Don Reid, retired October 22, 2002. Harold, after 40 years in the music business, completely retired and lived happily on his 85-acre farm.

What happened to Joe McDorman?

In 1958, the group changed their name to the Kingsmen, and by 1962, McDorman had been replaced by Reid’s brother Don. However, in 1982, DeWitt was forced to leave the band due to Crohn’s disease; the illness killed him on August 15, 1990. Jimmy Fortune joined the remaining Statlers as DeWitt’s successor.

Which one of the Statler Brothers passed away?

Harold Reid
Harold Reid, member of the Statler Brothers, dies at 80 after battling kidney failure. Country Music Hall of Famer Harold Reid, founding member of the Statler Brothers, died at his home Friday evening. His death was confirmed by his nephew Langdon Reid, the son of Statler Don Reid.

Is Don Reid married?

Debbie Reid
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What was the Statler Brothers biggest hit?

More videos on YouTube But as the Statler Brothers, their biggest radio hits include 1978’s “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine” (their first No. 1, also written by Don and Harold Reid) as well as “Elizabeth,” “My Only Love,” and “Too Much on My Heart,” all No. 1 singles written by bandmate Jimmy Fortune.

Who were the four original Statler Brothers?

In the early 1960s, the group coalesced around the talents of four Virginians: Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Lew DeWitt, and Harold’s brother, Don Reid. Harold Reid, DeWitt, Balsley, and Joe McDorman had worked in a Staunton, Virginia high school group called the Four Star Quartet, making their first appearance in 1955.

Why are they called the Statler Brothers?

The group later called themselves the Kingsmen but changed their name to the Statler Brothers in 1963 — the name taken from a brand of facial tissue — after the Portland, Ore., garage-rock band the Kingsmen had a nationwide hit with “Louie Louie.”

What killed Lew DeWitt?

In the face of declining health, Lewis Calvin “Lew” DeWitt retired from the music business in 1989. He died on 15 August 1990 of heart and kidney disease at his Augusta County home near Waynesboro, and his remains were cremated.

Why did Lew DeWitt quit the Statler Brothers?

In November 1981, DeWitt took a leave of absence from The Statler Brothers due to surgery and treatment for Crohn’s disease, from which he had suffered since adolescence. At his suggestion, Jimmy Fortune was tapped as his temporary replacement.

Who was Don Reid married to?

Were any of the Statler Brothers married?

In 1961 DeWitt married Glenda Kay Simmers in Baltimore, Maryland. They had two sons and two daughters. The Statler Brothers began garnering increased attention. In 1963 the group opened for Johnny Cash in Berryville and eventually won a spot in his road show.