How to Support Your Loved Ones This Year

Whether you’re far from home or live in the same city, our loved ones will need us every now and then. While you may not always be able to do the big things for your loved ones, showing them that you’re there for them when you can goes a long way. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can support your loved ones this year.


Show love when they make a big life change

Whether this looks like wearing a pride tank top to support a loved one who recently came out during pride month or being there to provide a listening ear to a friend who may have made a decision that was very hard for them to make, showing your loved ones you’re there no matter what can make a world of difference for them.


Start a fundraiser for your loved ones

If you know that your loved one has been going through a lot financially or is facing a health difficulty that requires a lot of money for treatment, starting a fundraiser for your loved one can not only show them how much you care, but it can take a huge load off of their shoulders. Even though it can be difficult to ask for money, it’s more than worth it for someone you love.

There are different sites that you can post on that allow you to collect money for your loved one. You could also do a more old-fashioned method of fundraising, such as selling cookies at a school event or doing a carwash with the goal of fundraising for your family member or friend.


Babysit for your family member

Whether your sister just had her second baby, or your loved ones are going through some challenges and could use some childcare, consider offering to help with some babysitting so that they can have some time to relax.

Hiring professional childcare can be quite expensive, so think about offering a hand when and if you can to help out a struggling family in your circle. If you’re an aunt or uncle, it can be really fun to spend time with your sibling’s little ones and you’ll be able to get your time in with your nephews or nieces while doing a favor for your loved ones.


Order a subscription for your loved one

Whether you know a meal plan or snack subscription can be really helpful for your loved ones or they’d prefer wine, gifting a subscription to make your loved one’s life easier can be a great gesture, whether it’s their birthday or you just know that they could use a pick-me-up.

This may also look like getting them lawn care or house cleaning services if they’ve been dealing with a life emergency and haven’t had time to take care of the basic essentials of keeping their home clean and organized.


Be available to provide a listening ear

Sometimes people don’t really need things—instead, offer your ability to listen and give advice if needed. People can get by without things but knowing that loved ones are there when they’re going through a tough time can mean much more to them than anything else.

Offer them the ability to talk as they need to, as sometimes all that a struggling individual needs is to communicate with someone that they can trust.

 In Conclusion

We could all use a little support in this day and age and if you can do something to help out a loved one, don’t hesitate to do it. Whether it’s a simple gesture to help out your sibling or you fundraise for a sick loved one, there are many ways that you can do something to assist others in anything that they may need help with.