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5 Various Therapy Treatments in 2022

Do you have lymphedema? While there is no cure for this condition, there are ways that you can manage it and with the world of medicine always making advances, there are many ways to provide therapy for your lymphedema. You may be familiar with some of these methods. Here are some lesser-known procedures that could be helpful for you in 2022:


New drainage paths

If you aren’t dealing with advanced lymphedema and are looking for lower extremity lymphedema treatment, your medical provider may suggest new drainage paths that can help you to create new connections between your lymph system and blood vessels. This is super helpful for removing excess lymph fluid.


Transplants of lymph nodes

If you’ve only recently been diagnosed with lymphedema, you could benefit from this procedure that is as the heading implies: a lymph node transplant. Taken from another area of your body, these lymph nodes are attached to your lymph network.

The result is that you have less swelling and may not even need to use compression gear for your condition, which can be huge for anyone who is dealing with lymphedema swelling and who wants to have some type of normalcy in their lives.


Fibrous tissue removal

A medical procedure that has been helping people with more advanced lymphedema, removal of fibrous tissue can be a life saver. With advanced lymphedema, the tissues can become hardened and can cause issues with pain and functionality.

In some cases, liposuction is the method used for this procedure. In other cases, surgery with a scalpel is necessary. Consider finding out if your health insurance can cover this type of procedure, as although it’s not cosmetic, liposuction doesn’t always fall under health insurance coverage.


Make skincare a must

While not a treatment per se, skincare can be very important for keeping your affected limb infection-free. Cuts and dry skin are dangerous for your limb and can cause complications and infection, so do what you can to keep your skin safe. This includes checking out electric razors if you shave to avoid knicks and using protective clothing in nature.

Additionally, you’ll want to start a daily skincare routine of cleaning your skin, moisturizing it, and more. Look for natural skincare products that are good for your skin and health. Those with lymphedema should avoid high impact sports that could result in injury to the affected limb. Play it safe and care for your skin.


Use a pump for sequential pneumatic help

Many people go to physical therapy for manual lymphatic drainage benefits. However, there’s another way that could be easier for you. With a pump that provides sequential pneumatic compression, you can imitate the MLD massage for the same benefits of moving fluid away from the affected limb, which can help to ease pain and swelling.

There are some affordable options on the market that make it easier for you to take care of your limb at home, which can be helpful during experiences like the pandemic. Along with the pump, you may also want to get compression garments that can be useful during the day while you’re out and about and that provide some swelling relief, as well.

In Conclusion

When you have lymphedema, it can be a bit discouraging to think about handling the symptoms and relieving pain. Fortunately, there are new procedures and even medicine that are doing more for people with lymphedema. These above-mentioned tips and procedures can help you with your lymphedema symptoms. Speak to your healthcare provider about the best option for your specific condition, so you can prevent future complications and understand what will work best for your