Are ACAN corals easy to keep?

Are ACAN corals easy to keep?

Acan coral is generally hardy and easy to care for, making it a suitable species for intermediate aquarists. (Beginners may want to hold off on rushing to pick up a frag – and we’ll get to the why in a minute) The amazing color varieties make this LPS a show stopper – even for advanced hobbyists with mature tanks.

Where do you put ACAN coral in tank?

The best placement for Acan corals is on the bottom of the tank, with at least 4-6 inches of space between the Acan and the other corals. Acans don’t like too much light, so putting them in a higher position will make them lose coloration, or even worse, they will bleach.

Are Acans difficult to keep?

Overview and appearance. Acan Corals are an LPS (long polyp stony coral) which are available in a wide range of colors and are considered to be easy to keep in a reef tank. They are one of the most desired corals in the hobby. They are also very hardy and tend to adapt to your aquarium environment easily.

How often should I feed my ACAN coral?

Every other day seems like excess, even if it’s to help corals recover. I stick to 2x a week in my 12 gallon, and do 1.5 gallon WCs the day after for nutrient export. Also, increasing nitrates might help the Acans a bit. I’ve found that they, and most other LPS, thrive at around 5-10ppm.

How aggressive are Acans?

Acan Corals are semi-aggressive but their aggression isn’t too difficult to manage. They will actively attack neighboring corals within their reach. You could even keep an entire tank of low light corals together to avoid having to deal with high end lighting.

Are ACAN corals aggressive?

Are Acans aggressive?

What do you feed an ACAN coral?

Feeding Acans

  • Raw shrimp in small pieces.
  • Frozen mysis and general meaty fish foods.
  • Marine Pellets.
  • LPS Coral + pellets.
  • Reef Roids.

How long does it take for ACAN coral to grow?

Registered. It really depends on the acan some grow slow and other grow fast. The 2 half heads should become whole heads in a few weeks. If you would like you can always target feed them at night which makes them grow alot faster.

Why is my ACAN closed up?

Your N03 is too low. Need to feed more and or skip a water change or two to get it up. Most coral will do very well with 5-10 ppm of N03. Most acans can do very well in most light after light acclimation and do well in moderate to low flow.

What should I Feed my ACAN brain coral?

Great care must be taken in determining the placement and distance between Acan Brain Coral colonies. Target feed minced meaty foods and zooplankton for best growth and frag recovery time. The use of a quality protein skimmer helps maintain water quality and combat the effects of heavy feeding. No testimonials have been submitted for this product.

What kind of conditions do ACAN brain corals live in?

In the reef aquarium, Acanthastrea are incredibly hardy and fast growing, tolerating a wide variety of conditions including both low and moderate lighting and moderate water currents.

How big of an aquarium do you need for ACAN coral?

Luckily, almost every home aquarium in the world is between 0-30 meters deep, which should make it easy for you to give your Acan coral the care it needs. The Acan coral is generally hardy and easy to care for, making it a suitable species for intermediate aquarists.

Where to place light on ACAN coral tank?

Placement at the top of the water column could result in too much light resulting in bleaching or death. Here are my lighting parameters on one of my tanks containing several species. Placement is important for lighting purposes, water flow and the aggressiveness of Acan coral.