How much are EuroBonus points worth?

How much are EuroBonus points worth?

We value SAS points around 0.8p apiece. Let’s take a look at an example redemption, called a “Bonus ticket” within the EuroBonus programme. For a flight to New York’s Newark Airport (EWR) from London Heathrow (LHR) in business class, the award ticket goes for 100,000 EuroBonus points plus £224 in taxes and fees.

How do I use my SAS Euro Bonus?

You can also use your points to get a discount on the ticket price in money (partly pay with points and money). Just select the flights you want and proceed to the payment page where you choose “Use EuroBonus points”. Point prices are for flights operated by SAS and Wideroe.

What are SAS points?

Earn points when you fly, shop, stay and drive. Then use your points for rewards, like bonus flights. Explore all the things that are possible with your EuroBonus points.

How do SAS points work?

Every time you fly with SAS or a Star Alliance partner on a scheduled revenue flight, you will earn basic points. In most cases, the more you fly, the higher your service class, and the more you pay for your tickets, the more points you will accumulate.

How do I transfer EuroBonus points to SAS?

Your Membership Rewards points will be transferred to your SAS EuroBonus account within 5 working days upon your request. You must be a SAS EuroBonus member in order to transfer your points. You can enrol by visiting

How do you buy SAS points?

Basic points can be bought via, using the same login information you use here at EuroBonus Shop. Purchasing Basic points is meant for those who are just a few points short of keeping their member tier another qualification period. 1 000 Basic points costs 10 000 Extra points or €100.

How do you get SAS points?

You’ll be awarded the SACE if you successfully complete requirements that include a range of skills and subjects you may study at school or may have acquired through other education, training or experience.

Does SAS have a credit card?

SAS EuroBonus Credit Cards EuroBonus credit cards are a great way to earn points on all your shopping and enjoy extra travel benefits.

How do I get SAS miles?

To receive mileage credit, present your MileagePlus number when you make reservations and make sure that it appears on your boarding pass at check-in. Also, MileagePlus members receive the following benefits on SAS-operated flights: Star Alliance Gold or Silver status recognition. Use of Star Alliance Upgrade Awards.

How do I transfer points to SAS?

How do you get points for flying?

Earning frequent flyer miles can land you free flights, upgrades, and other travel perks. The most basic way to earn points is to fly often and with the same carrier. You can earn points without flying by signing up for a rewards credit card and using it and shopping with program partners.